SEN Lines And Nadis In Bodywork

About SEN and Nadis Sen is the Thai word for ‘Line’. It has the same concept as Prana Nadi used in Yogic terminology and the terms are interchangeable. It can also be compared with myofascial meridians. The Sanskrit word for energy meridians lines is Nadi. It means stream or movement. In yoga theory, nadis are said to carry life force energies […]

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Massage Courses in India

How Helpful is Massage Therapy in Inflammation

We have all undergone various inflammatory discomforts in our life. A fever, tendonitis, bursitis, rhinitis, tonsillitis and even dermatitis are some common examples of Inflammation. In the case of pathogen infection, the inflammation is a motion that is set upon by the cells of the immune system to kill those foreign adverse microbes that are […]

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Ayurveda Balance Massage Training

Unbinding the Ropes of Twists

I have often noticed that while it’s easier for most of us to do any kind of extensions or stretches but when it comes to twists there is a significant resistance. The body is generally used to and used for-‘simple linear movements’. Twists are not a part of our general activity. There for the difficulty […]

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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome & Massage

By Chetan – Ayur Balance Massage Teacher Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) is the tingling, burning and pain tingling (needle, pin) down the arm and into the wrist / fingers. But all tingling and pain down the arm into the wrist / fingers may not be Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. True carpal tunnel syndrome is the compression […]

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