Ayur Balance- Ayurvedic Deep Tissue, Fascia Balance Massage Training in Goa-India 

  • The training is offered by Chetan of Rasovai and is conducted at the Rasovai location at Oceanic Yoga in Morjim Goa, India.
  • Ayur Balance is one and only massage that combines principals of Ayurvedic massage integrating Deep tissue and Fascia Balance bodywork.
  • This bodywork is a profound development in the art of massaging, whereby, it not only brings a profound effect of stress release, rejuvenation, relaxation in the receiver along but also gives therapeutic effects of Fascia work & reharmonizes the receiver to a balance of Doshas with the optional use of ayurvedic Oils.
  • The course is devised to train students of all background irrespective of their previous experience in massage. Its suitable to everyone who wishes to start a career in massage or increase their expertise in this powerful bodywork.
  • Its a serious course for every dedicated student who wishes to fully immerse in the short period of this intensive training.
  • You will receive a Certificate of Completion at the end of the course.
  • You will be given Massage Course Manuals in Pdf that contains, theory, anatomy, pictures of the techniques & moves with their description.
  • You also get the videos of the massage sequences that you learn each day.
  • You have the option to Join the Professional Level 1 training which in itself is complete or also optionally undertake further education in the Advance level 2 in continuation at the same time or in future.

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  • 15% Discount for July, August & September 2024 courses.

Ayur Balance Massage Training Professional Level

  • Learn to use various ayurvedic oils for different imbalances. Optionally massage can also be done without medicated oils and gives equal effect that of a nice bodywork.
  • Learn to liberate tissues, establish compartmental separation, eliminate adhesions, release tension from shortened muscles, and effortlessly melt away fascial restrictions.
  • Its a full body massage. That means you will learn to work over the whole body including much work on the head, neck and face.
  • You will understanding the body type/Ayurvedic Constitution (Doshas) as per Ayurveda and their effect on physiology and Psychology.
  • Basic Anatomy of muscles and organs.
  • You will learn to work with awareness and use meditative approach to your techniques so that they not only work on Biology but also touches the inner being of the receiver.
  • All massage techniques of massages and bodywork are demonstrated by the teacher and then repeated by students until the correct movements are acquired.

Massage Training Bali

  • You will learn the whole sequence of the complete session. This means that you don’t just learn techniques to massage different parts of the body and later have to figure out how to combine this. You will get a start to end sequence of massaging.
  • We are instructing a precise bodywork techniques of Ayur Balance Massage, deliberately avoiding the inclusion of numerous different massage modalities just to create a impression of teaching too much but in the end leaving you with confusion and frustrated with inability to give actually a proper massage session to a client. Our goal is to empower you with the skills and confidence to provide a truly satisfying massage session for your clients

Ayur Balance Massage Advance Level

This training is open to every one who has completed the Ayur Balance Course at any time. You can join this in continuation to the current course or join later in future.

  • Lateral & Medial legs muscle release.
  • Understanding Emotional Blockages & Traumas. Their release and balance through advanced Fascia Work.
  • Learning to work on the Deep Front Fascia Band, Back Functional Fascia Band, Front Functional Fascia Band, Lateral Fascia Band, Spiral Fascia Band.
  • You will learn expert teaching techniques, the art of instruction, correction, possible questions and their answers.
  • You will learn to give a more effective complete wholesome bodywork benefit.
  • Understanding Emotional Blockages and Traumas. Possible moves to work for such release.
  • Postural Manipulations and massaging the areas under posture holding.
  • Learn more in depth physiology and anatomy. To gain more awareness of the body and mind.

Ayur Balance Massage

  • To have skills in more detail and work on the Same body areas with New techniques and New body areas with Same techniques.
  • Supine Positions and work Laterally and Medially on the body.
  • understand the physiology and anatomy more. To gain more awareness of the body and mind.

Ayur Balance Massage Therapist Training Dates and Price


Massage Therapist Training Goa

Ayur Balance Professional Level:

INR 44500| Includes lunch in the break

Ayur Balance Advance Level:

INR 38500| Includes lunch in the break

Sunday is a break day from Oct 2024 & there will be no Meals on Sunday

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July’242 – 9ABM Level 1€ 500
July’2414- 19ABM Advance€ 425
Aug’242 – 9ABM Level 1€ 500
Aug’2414- 19ABM Advance€ 425
Sept’242 – 9ABM Level 1€ 500
Sept’2414- 19ABM Advance€ 425
Oct’247 – 15ABM Level 1€ 500
Nov’247 – 15ABM Level 1€ 500
Dec’242 – 10ABM Level 1€ 500
Dec’2411- 17ABM Advance€ 425
Jan’2520 – 28ABM Level 1€ 500
Jan’2529 –  4 FebABM Advance€ 425
Mar’2510 – 18ABM Level 1€ 500
Mar’2519- 25ABM Advance€ 425
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How Your Days Will be like? 

The Lunch break is from 12.30 pm to 2.30 pm

Ayur Balance Professional Level

Day 1 to Day 9

10:00 AM – 05:00 PM 

  1. Learning Basic Anatomy of the  muscles & tendons that are worked upon.
  2. Ayurveda basics. Dosha understanding.
  3. Main Ayurvedic oils that can be used in the massage and areas where they can be used if desired.
  4. Lecture on four kind of muscle stresses that a bodyworker faces in their clients.
  5. Demonstration of techniques of Short, precise movements over the different tissue with Hands, Fist, fingers and Knuckles.
  6. Working on the Main Intrinsic Muscles & Superficial Fascia bands
  7. Lecture on Fascia.
  8. Detox Powders to be used in the massage.
  9. Demonstration of techniques of Long, movements over the intrinsic Muscles and Upper Fascia Bands using Forearm and Elbow.
  10. Guided Practice.
  11. Re practices.

Certification at 10 am on the last Day

Ayur Balance Advance Level

Day 10 to Day 16

10:00 AM – 05:00 PM 

  1. Learning Further anatomy of Muscles, Tendons.
  2. LEarning about Endocrine system and se of Ayur Balance advance techniques to work on them.
  3. Understanding postural dynamics and deviations.
  4. Working through dynamic positioning of the body areas and massaging the exposed revealed Intrinsic Muscles.
  5. Supine positioning of the body and working on lateral muscles. (good for pregnant women who can not lie on the belly)
  6. Working on Superficial Back Fascia Band, Superficial Front Fascia Band, Deep Front Fascia Band, Back Functional Fascia Band, Front Functional Fascia Band, Lateral Fascia Band, Spiral Fascia Band.
  7. Understanding Emotional Blocks and Trauma storage. Possiblity of using the Fascia Band work to release and relieve.
  8. Guided Practice.
  9. Re practices.

Certification at 5 pm on the last Day

About Our Massage Training Location

Swimming pool perancisGoa: This training is taking place in the premises of Oceanic Yoga in Morjim  in the North Goa-India. please note that Rasovai is not a part of Oceaninc Yoga and just uses the space to offer their trainings. The training is  conducted by Chetan of Rasovai. You have the possibility to stay in the secured, tranquil and serene atmosphere in a yogic, meditative space of Oceanic Yoga or take u accomodaiton outside near by at various facilities. You can check their details here.

Our location is in nestled between the foothills hills of Morjim and 800ms from the beach. It is a very serene peaceful location with forest around and fresh Jungle air.
This area provide an ideal setup not to just learn but also to enjoy the coastal life of Goa.
The program thus turns into a learning experience and also into a retreat with all the effects of this fabulous massage being experienced on oneself.

Mail us for other interesting places, locations that you can experience while during your stay.

Ayurvedic Massage Training Course in India

Payment Policy

Booking & Payment

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The fees will be accepted only in Rupees, Euro, Pounds or US Dollars only as per the mentioned fees above.
Payment Methods

We accept payment by paypal, cash, or online transfer to Rasovai account in India. You can use the services of Wise to save the international transfer costs while making the payment internationally.

Please read and confirm that you fully understand our Terms and Conditions before making your payments as other payment and cancellation policiesalso apply.

About Our Certification

The certificate given by us is valid and accepted in most of the countries as long as you fulfill the other legal requirements of your region.
The course content and teaching provide you all the skills to become a professional body worker and start your own practice or work in other facilities.
The course is an intensive vocational short period training. It is not similar to a three- or- four- year physiotherapist University Degree or a long- term Diploma in a Collage or University setup.
In fact, no certification, with the claim of Government recognized or accredited for a short- duration course, hold no standing similar to hundreds of hours of course running over more then a year.

Coming to us allows you to learn in a completely different relaxed environment.
Our courses are a learning program and also a retreat for your own self.
What we are providing is a full massage training in one course without adding unnecessary levels to the program and at 50% less fees of similar programs in the west.