Online Breathwork & Meditation Teacher Training

“Learn, Evolve, Teach”

Rasovai and YOGbreathology, presents an Online intensive Meditations and Yogic Breathwork Teacher Training course conducted over a period of 4 week ends.

This is a  Teacher Training Course that is designed to give you experience of various methods, learn them and develop skillset to teach them to others.

Our coaching  is offered to you in a very convenient time frame of four weekends Friday (evenings), Saturday & Sunday (daytime).This is a certified course that is registered with Meditations Alliance and gives the students the option to register themselves after completion of the course and create a profile on the portal.

This is one course that is not just a Teacher Training but also a retreat for yourself. You can join to become a teacher or just to enhance the inner wisdom and radiance in you.

The course is conducted by Master Kunal and Chetan. In the course you will be taught 8 meditations and 9 YOGBreathology techniques in total. Each Saturday you will learn 2 meditations and 2 YOGBreathology techniques and will repeat the same on the Sunday.

You will have lectures and Satsang on these and gain the knowledge and wisdom to understand the essence of the techniques.

You will also receive the required notes, audio and video recordings of the sessions for self practice and revision at your end.

Each Friday, Saturday, and Sunday you will learn and practice the techniques. On the weekdays you will take out time as per your convenience to listen to the audio recordings, watch the videos, do self practice and find an opportunity to teach these to any friend, family or colleagues.

TTC curriculum will also include:

+Multiple option written exam
+Student will create a short teaching video separately both Meditation and YOGbreathology
+ Private access to course videos during course for additional learning and after course.

About YOGBreathology:

What is YOGbreathology breathwork ?

YOGbreathology is based in the tradition of pranayama breath therapy. From the comfort of your own home, you’ll learn how to develop your own personal breathing practice so you can boost your health & replenish your spiritual energy.

YOGbreathology is an Authentic guide for the human as a way of integrating breath work into our lives as per the ancient science of pranayam, mantra and tantric Vedic practice combined.

BREATH WITH MOVEMENT, SOUND and TOUCH with an active meditative approach. Approach is everything.

Breath work is the most powerful tool you will ever find for releasing stuck or stored emotions in your nervous system or body. It will also create confidence and self-love in a way you didn’t know was possible. 

These practices are more than typical Wim Hoff , Soma or other mainstream breathwork techniques and courses you may have experienced or heard of which are not so practical for everyday self. YOGbreathology classes are intuitively conducted with care and close attention to ensure you have absorbed the tools for ourselves primarily and to teach/guide others.

What will you learn in YOGbreathology as a user manual and guide for human sustainability:

– Breathology for daily life & routine.
– Breathology as Sound as per Yog Pranayam, Tibetan Tradition and Tantric school.
–  Awakening & Rejuvenating – guiding all 12 systems via the respiratory system
– Yog Pranayam for cleansing, detoxification, Common alignments including low energy, dullness, migraine, shallow breath etc. 
– Breathology of sound for mental, physical clarity and health.
– Clearing trapped and blocked energy 
– Energy (prana): creating, cultivating and yielding 
– Synchronizing – Heart Rate Variable and Brainwave Coherence 
– Respiratory system in relation with universal law – breath timings and ratios 

+Sitting practices 
+ Laying down practices
+ Standing practices 
+ Physical Movement both rhythmic and aerobic
+ Active Mediation and integration into lifestyle Coaching
+ practices for daily routine and lifestyle Integration 
+ Element immersion 

 + The full spectrum toolbox of breathology, including commercial common misunderstood tools such as Wim hoff, soma and tummo. 

– Evoking the heart warrior – heart and empowering the Superhuman within 
– Brainwave Entrainment Active Mediation
– Tantric & Mantric Spectrum of healing Sounds.
– The Art of Shaking & Dynamic Mediation
– Healing with the sounds of laughter 
– Breathing and Tapping Vital points
– Active Mediations to release, relieve and cleanse the body, mind and emotions.
– YOGbreathology as per pranayam to bring a wholesome wellness and evolvement of self-maintenance whilst strengthening health.

-YOGbreathology anatomy and function.

-YOGbreathology of sound  – throw throat the barometer of the soul.

-Mind & Body 

-10 ultimate sounds with sequence composing of tension and stress release, brain wave entrainment, organ and brain resonance, coherence, respiratory function and expansion.

Ultimately you will explore and learn to teach 9 YOGbreathology full sequences covering:

+ 2 foundation breath work sequences for respiratory difficulties such as COPD and asthma

+ 2 rhythmic breath work for uplifting, invigorating, rejuvenating and cleansing (kriya sequence).

 +1 Sequence for daily routine – inner peace and balance 

+ 2 YOGbreathology of sound sequence to unify the Chakras gaining clarity, cleansing and clearing energy blockages.

+ 2 tension, stress and trauma release sequences 

All YOGbreathology sequences vary in time. Each sequence can be adapted and some sequences can be split up. All will be taught, learnt and unfolded in detail with Master Kunal helping you to gain confidence in exploring the techniques and sequences therapeutically for yourself and teach, guide others.

YOGbreathology Level 1 Journey into Mystery and Mastery – with level 1 Teacher Training you will have the essential tools and skills towards mastery to start integrating self practice and teaching others immediately. Completion of this certified teacher training will allow further progression into the 9 month TTC ( online level 2 , 3 plus support and offline retreat) with kunal in the science of YOGbreathology as per pranayam breathwork and Yog of Sound (For more information contact Kunal directly)

What will you learn in Meditation hours:

  • In the Meditation hours you will get to understand  and learn various kinds of Powerful, Life Transforming ‘InLightenLife’ meditations that will bring you back to yourself, shift, uplift your being and be able to transmit, share and teach this all to others. The course is progressive. That means first you learn the basic steps and then progress to higher forms of the techniques.
  • You will learn in total 6 Mystical Passive Mediations and 2 powerful Active Mediations.

You will be guided into:

  • two forms of vipassana- the powerful Buddhist technique of watching the self.
  • two forms of Chakra activation meditation.
  • one centering meditation and one heart opening meditation.
  • two Active movement based meditations.
  • over all you will learn 8 meditation techniques that covers all the dimensions of human potential and growth.
  • Practice of each Meditation technique 2 times.
  • Receive the notes and text in relation to each meditation and method you will learn.
  • Recorded audio of the lectures and sharing from the training.
  • Learning the art of Vocal reach, communication skills and right wordings to bring the results in your students.

NOTE: After the completion of the course you will receive a certification of  MTTC 100 (Meditation Teacher Training Course 100) Here 100 is the total hours of the course consisting of teaching, lectures, guided practice, teacher teaching practice done at your end, listening to audio recordings, self practice, assignment and reading.

Who Should Join This Teacher Training?

This course is for all and designed to be taught for those from any background with a wholehearted willingness to learn, explore, integrate and teach with Ultimate techniques. This course will particularly appeal to life Coaches, Yoga teachers/practioners, massage therapists, body workers, healers, therapeutical professionals, energy workers, personal trainers, social and support workers and family members in the efforts to support our communities.

Meditation Teacher Training in India

Though this training is a program for learning to be a  Meditation & YOGbreathology teacher, it’s also  a personal wellbeing and grow.

The course is specially useful to :

    • Yoga teachers, bodyworkers and healers to add new skills and dimensions to their teaching.
    • Anyone who is new to the Meditations & Breathwork and wish to learn them.
    • If you are already practicing Meditation, breathwork and wants to teach to others.
    • Anyone looking to find freedom from past, conditionings, traumas and sufferings.
    • Individuals looking to share and evolve other  humans by offering classes and lessons in meditations and breathwork.
    • Individuals seeking to share methods that brings joy, bliss, silence, healing and lovingness to others.
  • The program is not just a learning course but also a beautiful retreat that gives you a gift to enrich yourself to share love and light with the others.

After the course you can register with Meditations Alliance, create your profile and receive receive an additional Certificate of Registration from them. This is a further advantage to you as this gives possibility for potential students to find you and attend your classes.

Online Meditation & YOGBreathology Teacher Training Dates and Price


INR 42000/€ 500/$ 545/GBP 420

To book for the course please mail us at

DaysStart DateEnd Date
Four Friday’s,

Saturday’s & Sunday’s


First Friday

of the week

Fourth Sunday
Apply NowFor any queries CONTACT US

Daily Schedule


6PM – 7.30PM CET

Opening Talks. Information sharing. Introduction to the course.


7.30PM – 8PM CET

Dinner Break

8PM – 10.30PM CET



Saturday’s & Sunday’s


Talks. 2 YOGBreathology/ Meditation Sessions


Lunch Break


Talks. 2 YOGBreathology/ Meditation Sessions


Listening to the Audio lectures


Self Practice of Techniques

Teaching practice of Techniques

The above self practice will be undertaken at your convenient times



Last Sunday


Talks. 2 YOGBreathology/ Meditation Sessions


Lunch Break


Talks. 2 YOGBreathology/ Meditation Sessions

6PM – 76PM CET

Closing talks.

**The course is conducted online using ZOOM. You do not need a paid account on zoom to attend the course.

What do you need to attend the course:

You will require a laptop with external speakers attached to the sound output so that you can hear the audio clearly. Though not necessary but you can also get external camera to give better video.

If possible a free space that is silent and free from people coming in during the sessions.

For more details or book mail us at

Further guidance will be given prior to course starts.