Online, Remote Meditation Teacher Training

“Learn, Evolve, Teach”

Rasovai invites you to a Remote ‘Learn at Home’ Mediations Teacher Training course that can be taken in your convenient time.

This is a Teacher Training Course that is designed to give you experience of various methods, learn the methods and develop skillset to teach them to others.

Rasovai MTTC is a  certified course that is registered with Meditations Alliance and gives the students the option to register themselves after completion of the course and create a profile on the portal.

This is one course that is not just a Teacher Training but also a personal gain and upliftment for yourself. You can join to become a teacher or join just to enhance the inner wisdom, knowledge, solutions and learn meditations.

How the Course is Conducted:

  • This is a Remote learning program.
  • You receive all the lessons in video, audio and pdf
  • The Online course can be started any time and has 12 modules that you can cover in three months.
  • The course can also be learnt at a slow pace in a period of one year with you receiving one module each month.
  • You also have the possibility to receive all the lessons in one go and practice as per your convenience.
  • After every four module you will have Personalized  Discussion, Sharing, Insight, Q& A.
  • Before the starting of the course a Video talk will be done to discuss and know the requirement of the student.
  • Payment is flexible and you can pay as your learn and progress.
  • Already after 4 modules you are ready to offer your sessions.
  • Each Meditation begins with a thorough explanation. Then you are guided through all the steps.
  • After the course you will be able to teach these meditations to others in Online setup and onsite setup.
  • You will also learn the art of Vocal reach, communication skills and right wordings to bring the results in your students.

After completion of the course you can register at Meditations Alliance. This is a portal provides a possibility for potential students to find you to attend your classes.

What You will Learn & Gain?

  • Active Meditations, different Vipassana Mediations, healing meditations, chakra-based meditations, radiant love meditations and other forms of meditations.
  • Over all you will learn 12 meditation techniques that covers all the dimensions of human potential and growth.
  • Lectures and discussions of Ancient Indian Treatises.
  • Lectures on our patterns, holdings, blockages and conditionings that do not allow us to evolve.
  • Teaching skills.
  • Understanding the energy of your students and working with it.
  • Possibility to have personal guidance on the technicalities of the Online teaching.
  • Possibility to have one personal mentoring session.

Who Should Join This Teacher Training?

This course is for all and designed to be taught for those from any background with a wholehearted willingness to learn, explore, integrate and teach with Ultimate techniques. 

Meditation Teacher Training in India

This course will particularly appeal to life Coaches, Yoga teachers/practioners, massage therapists, body workers, healers, therapeutical professionals, energy workers, personal trainers, social and support workers and family members in the efforts to support our communities.

Individuals looking to share and evolve other  humans by offering classes and lessons in meditations and breathwork.

Individuals seeking to share methods that brings joy, bliss, silence, healing and lovingness to others.

In the long run also offer Emotional Healing and Trauma release as Meditation Therapy.

Online Meditation Teacher Training Dates and Price


INR 42000/€ 500/$ 545/GBP 420

To book for the course please mail us at

Three Months


Each Friday One ModuleLast Friday of the Third Month
Apply NowFor any queries CONTACT US

Program Schedule

You receive the video and audio links for the module of the week



You watch, listen, practice, repeat in your convenient time periods.

After each 4 modules

  • Personalized  Discussion, Sharing, Insight, Q& A.


Completion and Certification

A completion talk and sharing.

Certificate in PDF



Google Talk or zoom is used for personal meetings. You do not need a paid account on zoom to attend the course.

What do you need to attend the course:

You will require a laptop with external speakers attached to the sound output so that you can hear the audio clearly.

If possible a free space that is silent and free from people coming in during the sessions.

This remote, learn at home course is conducted by providing lessons and talks in downloadable video format.

You can divide the fees and pay per module or pay the whole amount and get a 15% Discount.

For more details mail us at