Please use one of the options below to make the advance payment. If you are not using Paypal to make the payment then please inform us of the transaction details of the other payment mode that you used so that we can corelate with your booking.


After you submit the registration/booking form you will be taken to the Paypal checkout option. This will allow you to use Paypal to pay 100 US Dollars as the registration fees. You don’t need a PayPal account to make the payment. You can also do using your credit or debit card.


Instead of using Paypal you can use ‘WISE’(formerly Transferwise).

Steps to take to make wise payment : 

Sign up at

  • Set the currency on ‘How much you would like to transfer‘ to 100 US Dollars.
  • In the box- ‘Recipient Gets‘ turn the currency to INR (Indian Rupees).
  • In the section Who are you sending money to? Select the option ‘Business

Now fill the following details

  • Name of Business: RASOVAI
  • Recipients Address: 
  • Country: INDIA
  • City: SIOLIM
  • Address: D4 Siolim Residency. Portavaddo.
  • Postal Code: 403517
  • Bank Details: 
  • IFSC Code: ICIC0001542
  • Account number: 154205000740

And proceed.

OPTION 3: For Indian Residents having an Indian Bank account.

Please pay 8400Rupees. to our Indian Bank account with direct bank Transfer.

  • Name of Account: RASOVAI
  • Account number: 154205000740
  • IFSC Code: ICIC0001542
  • Bank: ICICI bank
  • Address of the Bank: Siolim. Goa. India

OPTION 4: For Indian Residents using any Indian UPI app

Scan the QR code to make the payment of 8400 Rupees to reserve your space in the course.

Payment Options for the Remaining Course Fees

  1. To pay the remaining fees we suggest and recommend to pay in Cash in Euro, US Dollar, Pounds or Rupees. When you pay in Cash you avoid the heavy service charges, currency conversion charges, bank transfer charges and other fees charged by International Money transferring services.
  2. For making online payments by Paypal then let us know and we will send a Paypal Payment request by Email with the amount to be paid. You can use the link on that Email to make the remaining payment.
  3. to make payment by then use the instructions above to make the reaming payment. Ask us if you have any confusion in relation to using
  4. You can also use any other Online Money Transfer Services that you are comfortable with.

Note: We require the whole fees to be paid. Any charges that the Money Transferring Service Provider take, will have to be borne by you. We will give you the details of the amount received in our account. You will then pay the difference in the money received by us and the actual fees of the course.

We request you to make all the fees payment before commencing of the course.

Participants having not paid the full fees by the second day of the course will not be allowed to continue the course till the remaining fees is paid.

If you would like to stay some nights before or after the course, arrangements can be made based on the hotels student discount price.

Terms And Conditions for the course

To block your seat in our Training Courses and Programs we require a confirmation of your presence by asking you to pay a booking fee 200 Euro/18000 Rupees/240 Dollars/175 Pounds/2220 Swiss Frank using Paypal checkout or at our Indian Account or Belgium account. Details are given above.

  1. Students who haven’t paid the booking fee will be automatically deleted from the student list even if you have submitted the booking form.
  2. Please note that we book the seats according to the chronology of the payment (“first come first served”), therefore only by paying the booking fee right after the application gives you a warranty to block the seat for you and Reserve the room for you.
  3. All the transaction fees should be covered by a student – it refers to the fees taken by bank Transfer or transferwise transfer etc.
  4. Booking fee is a part of the whole fee.
  5. Once we have received the booking fees we will mail you for the confirmation of your enrollment.
  6. Not paying the total fee on the course on the starting date will cause the loss of the booking fee, and removal from the student list.
  7. You are being informed in advance so kindly make arrangements accordingly to be able to make the payment on the first day of the course.

Return And Refund Policy:

  • If you cannot come to our course after paying the booking fee and let us know at least before 35 days in advance then you can use this deposit for the same future course or program at Rasovai within 2 years. If a price change happens you will pay the difference.
  • Booking fee is the part of the whole course fee. It cannot be used as payment toward any other Rasovai School course nor may it be used on behalf of another participant applying for the same course.
  • If you need to change the date within 35 days before the course and up to one week before the course- In such a scenario you will lose 50% of the Deposit that you paid. We will still keep your booking but when you will join any future course you will pay the complete course fees minus 50% of the Deposit you already paid.
  • In case if paid complete fees and you are entirely sure, 35 days prior to the course date, of not being able to join the course or any other courses in future then we can make a refund of the fees deducting the deposit amount of 200Euro.
  • NO REFUNDS, CREDITS OR TRANSFERS ARE AVAILABLE ON CANCELLATION withing one week of the course date, DURING OR AFTER THE START DATE OF ANY Trainings/Workshops or any other short term or long courses at Rasovai.
  • If you do not pay the full fees by the second day and decide not to continue the deposit will not be refunded.

if you have any questions in relations to our policies and reasons for these policies to be in place, then please mail us and we will be happy to share with you the necessity of it.

Cancellation from us:

If we cancel a retreat or workshop at Rasovai in the unlikely event or rare situations of Death on our side, Accident or other unexpected events (Covid situation) then we will offer alternative dates or refund 100% of your payment after deductions of nominal bank charges incurred in transferring the money back to you. Rasovai is not to be held liable for flight or any other costs incurred at the student’s end.

Other Terms & Conditions

  1. Please inform the teacher if you have any injury or illness that is relevant to mention before the course begins.
  2. You will observe and respect the guidelines laid out by the school and not create a disturbance in the teaching process.
  3. Understand the courses correctly and if you have any questions then ask before. Once you make up the mind to join then no excuses will be entertained later of having misunderstood the course curriculum.
  4. Rasovai accepts no responsibility for injury or illness during or after course.
  5. As a student you take responsibility for yourself to stay healthy and trouble free. Its suggested to take rest and use your time to study in the free times.
  6. We recommend that all people traveling to India have comprehensive travel & medical insurance for the duration of the trip.
  7. We do not accept responsibility or liability for cancellations, delays, changes or losses caused by acts of Existence, war, threat of war, closure of airports, civil strife, natural disasters, accidents or any other events beyond our control. The same applies to guests’ injuries, illnesses, medical or psychiatric conditions developed during or subsequent to the stay or travel, as well as loss of /or damage to personal property of guests.
  8. At our discretion Rasovai reserves the right to give concessions and last minute discounts.