Chetan Baghel

Chetan Massage and Meditation Instructor

Chetan Baghel is the Lead Teacher and an associate at Rasovai. He is also a certified member of Complementary Therapists Association(CTHA), a leading professional association representing sports, spa and complementary therapists in the UK and Ireland.

Along with teaching Massages, leading Meditation Retreats and Trainings, Chetan is also conducting classes in Anatomy and Physiology at various Yoga Schools and at Rasovai offering Yoga Anatomy Training.

He has Graduated in Science, Masters degree in Reiki, Diploma in Ayurveda Massage, Diploma in Abhyanga and Marma Massage, Diploma in Ayurveda Yoga Massage, Studies in Anatomy- Physiology, Psychosomatic Conditions, studied and practiced Meditation and Healing.He is also a Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Teacher. He is sharing his work for last 20 years in India and abroad.

Chetan has been teaching across the world and has taught at Rosenberg European Academy of Ayurveda in Germany, Atomodaya from Zurich, Sundari Ayurveda in Germany, Ayurveda Praxis (Germany), Shakti Ayurveda Latvia and at individual level in Aryol ( Russia), Le Manoia ( France), Frankfurt (Germany), Mallorca (Spain) and Sweden.

Chetan’s teachings are a reflection of his experiences with different modalities varying from meditations over a period of ten years in Osho Meditation Commune, Pune to studies of Yoga at Iyengar Institute in Pune and different massage styles and holistic healing methods throughout the last 20 years. By combining the wisdom and knowledge he gained he has developed a very effective, powerful but also medically effective holistic method of massage therapy which has come to be known as Ayur Balance Massage (Ayurveda based work on table).


Massage trainer Julie

Julie Vanacker is the Administrator and partner at Rasovai. She overlooks the day to day functions of Rasovai along with assisting in the trainings.

Born in Belgium, since her childhood Julie has grown up with a thirst of inner search which led her to discover various spiritual modalities and paths undertaken in her growing years.

She has traveled extensively to various spiritual locations in India, Nepal, Morocco and many parts of Europe whereby she has done various meditation courses, healing modalities, inner growth group-therapies and dance workshops.

She is also a trained massage therapist, a trained beautician and a bodyworker who has studied Deep tissue bodywork, yogic manipulation bodywork and a variety of traditional Ayurvedic massages.

Next to her administrative work she is currently offering sessions in Ayurbalance massage, Yoga Balance bodywork, and soft tissue-deep tissue massages.

In her free time she is passionate about playing the piano, making long walks in nature, living a sustainable lifestyle with respect for nature, dance and reading about many different subjects.

Kunal Patel

Kunal Patel from London, UK is a modern day Yog Teacher with extensive traditional and ancient practices, presenting Yog as a therapeutical science and a way of healthy living.
He Specializes in YOGbreathology , Active Sound meditations , Ayurbalance and Yoga massage bodywork. Kunals intention is to help people explore, have fun, find greater balance aswell as intergrate Yog and Mediation into daily life.

Kunal is a certified traditional Hatha Yog and Multi Style Yoga teacher from various schools and temples including Pantajali Yog Peeth in Haridwar, Shiva Yoga Peeth Rishikesh. He is a practicing bodyworker and massage therapist having a Diplomas in Ayurbalance and Marma Therapy Massage . He is also Certified Meditation Practitioner, he has Master Diploma in Reiki, Certification as a Master Sound Therapist. As well as having graduated with a Master Diplomas in Culinary Arts and Naturopathy.

Kunal’s unified understanding of yoga is interlinked with the science of sound, nature and plant consciousness. He teaches Yoga and Mediation as a therapeutical and healing art exploring the scientific field of vibration. He prescribes YOG like medicine with the philosophy that Yog is medicine; referring to Yog as a intergrateable, measurable science, a human user manual with self discoveries and experiences. He describes pranayam as YOGbreathology in the efforts to engage this ancient life force cultivating practice with all ages and backgrounds, highlighting Yogbreathology as a journey from resistance to resilience towards greater health.

Kunals practices have been vastly influenced by universities, monasteries, temples, Ashrams, centres in UK, India and Thailand. He has a been observing as a Vipassana and mindfulness meditator for 8 years in the UK and Wat Suan Mokkh Monastery ,Thailand.