Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why Join our Massage Training courses?

We are conducting courses in the beautiful work of massage training courses where everyone is welcome to participate irrespective of their level of massage proficiency.

We understand the value of time of our participants. We aim to teach the actual full massage in our course, rather than elongating it for weeks or months.

The courses are actual practical hands on with enough theory enabling you to grasp the full body massage.

2. About Accreditation & Insurance

Each country has its own set of rules and systems in place by which you can be a legal massage practitioner. Doing a massage course is from any kind of institute is not enough for a legal and official status as a massage practitioner. Moreover, in a successful massage practice, a injury covering insurance is a optional necessity.

Some countries require you to have a certain minimum amount of course/ trainings hours to have completed. For example, in USA and Canada, the requirements vary even between state to state.

Our courses give you the certification and diploma of the number of hours of training that you have undergone. These fulfill the requirements of hours asked for any regulation. Moreover the anatomy, physiology, ethics and business lecture/text material from us also prepares you for the tests that you may require to undergo for qualifying as a massage therapist in many countries.

What we are providing is a quality program to make the best of you in your profession at 70% less of the fees of programs in your country.

After the course, we will also provide you the list of various insurance companies and organizations for accreditation and give you guidance to pursue the best course depending upon the country that you wish to practice and also if you can work in your country without any conditions.