Frequently Asked Questions

Arrival Information

  • By Flights
    There are two airports in Goa. One is Manohar International Airport. Code is GOX. This is the nearest airport to our location. The second airport is Dabolim. The code is GOI with flights coming from all the major Indian cities and some international origins. The airport pick-up for GOX is 20 Dollars and for GOI is around 30 EUR
  • By Bus
    There are many overnight sleeper buses from Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune or Hyderabad. The price is around 30 Dollars. The nearest bus stand is Mapusa
  • By Train
    Apart from this the state is also covered by railway. The main train stations are Thivim, Vasco De Gama and Madgaon. If you are coming for the first time then we suggest to take flight into Goa. Do not take a train that arrives late in the night to Goa. You will not find a taxi that can bring you to the location.
From November till March it is winter here but the temperatures do not drop below 24 degrees at any time in the day. It is sunny and bright all the time.

From April till June, it is summer and temperatures remain around 28-34 Degrees. From June till October end, it is Monsoon time with rains on most of the days. Though it rains but the temperatures never go below 24 degrees.
Yes, pick up and drop to the airport is possible. To the train station or bus stand only the drop is possible.
It is as safe as any main land European tourist destinations. Goa is one of the most easy, welcoming & tourist friendly zone in India. Don't go by the numbers of incidents as mentioned in the western press. India is a huge country with more then a 1.3 Billion people and the numbers will look large for the population but incidents per million is way less. If you wish to know the real statistics then check for incidents as "Per Million' for the world and that will give the right data.
15% Discount on total fees of two courses when you join both. * Fees of both the courses are to be paid at the starting of the first course. 15% Discount on any second course when you decide to join after or in between the first course. 15% Discount when you pay the full amount during the time of the booking of the course. 15% Discount when you refer another participant with you. 5% Cash Discount (pay cash)

Food and Accommodation

Mail us for the options and we will provide the room pictures and details.
For the Goa trainings to know about the accommodation please visit the page 'Accommodation and Arrival' or mail us at
Breakfast and Lunch is served during the break in the Meditation TTC. You can also organize your own meal. But the fees will not be deducted in such a situation. In the massage training we provide hot drink and light snacks during the break.
Apart from the training times you can eat drink at 'Cafe La Sol' in the premises. You can check the instagram page for more details-
The meals provided are vegetarian. We can include some Vegan items also in each meal. A separate complete Vegan menu is not possible. Please let us know before coming about your requirement.
We have water to drink during the training. You can also buy 1 liter, 5 liters and 20 liters bottled water at various shops. The 20 liter bottle is just 1 euro 20 cent. The tap water is not suggested for drinking.

Our Rules

We conduct courses even with one student. The maximum numbers that we take for Massage Trainings are 8 students from July till October and 12 students from November till May. For meditation TTC, the batch size is 20 students.
The Massage courses are 80% practical. The theoretical part is taught in a simple understandable format. It is easy for everyone to learn effectively the course.
Mail us for suggestions of any books that you wish to read before coming. Once you have paid the advance booking amount, we will mail you the PDF of the course that you can already read before coming.
Yes. You will still get the certificate. You will have the option of taking with you the ivideos of the massage that you can use to learn later back in your country.
Yes. If you can let us know by 35 Days before the course then we will keep your dates open for any future course within 2 years. If a price change happens you will pay the difference. If you need to change the date less than 35 days before the course and up to one week before the course. In such a scenario you will lose 50% of the Deposit that you paid. We will still keep your booking but when you will join any future course you will pay the complete course fees minus 50% of the Deposit you already paid. In case if you are entirely sure , 35 days prior to the course date, of not being able to join the course or any other courses in future then we can make a refund but your deposit will be non refundable. NO REFUNDS, CREDITS OR TRANSFERS ARE AVAILABLE ON CANCELLATION later to 35 days (before the course date), DURING OR AFTER THE START DATE OF ANY Trainings/Workshops or any other short term or long courses at Rasovai.
The card payment is not possible.
You pay the advance deposit and remaining amount you will pay before the start of the course.
Please pay before you arrive to the country. At times it may not be possible for you to make transfers from outside your country.
Yes, all the required material for the training is provided by us.
Yes, there is wifi at the training place.
Yes, you can use your phone.
For the massage courses you will require simple summer climate clothes. For Meditation course its suggested to be in decent white clothes.
Mail us for the possibility to arrange the AC Room.

About the Certification

The details in relation to the certification are provided here:

After the completion of a massage course you will receive a Certification of Completion describing the number of hours completed and the curriculum – theory and practical studied.

We are individual teachers providing skillset and sharing our knowledge in a friendly setup in India. Ours is not a school or university. The courses are not a three-year University Degree or a long-term Diploma in a Collage or University setup.

Our courses are vocational short-term programs aiming to give you all the skills in a short time frame with the ease of being able to travel and attend. Our certification is accepted and valid in most of the countries. As each country has different rules and regulation, it may be required to fulfill the other official formalities to start your own practice. But to work in a spa or a massage facility the certification is accepted.
Each day you will receive assignment. At the end of the Massage course you will be giving a full body session without supervision.

In meditation TTC you will be yourself also guiding others into meditation in the last days of the course.

General Queries

Yes. A Visa is required for entering India. You can avail the facility of E visa from the Indian consulate or Visa Facilitation Services in your country. In case of difficulty in finding the sites where you can apply the visa you can write to us and we will provide the links.
Breakfast and Lunch is included in the training fees of Meditation TTC. Apart from that each meal expenses are around 5 Euros for good quality meal and around 10 Euros for a fancy meal.

A scooter or bike rent is around 5 Euro to 10 Euro a day.

Taxi are about 5 Euro for a distance of 10 Kms. The taxi rates can vary from location to location and time of the day.
There are money exchange places in the vicinity of the training place.
There are doctors in the area available in the day time. The nearest hospital is 18 kms.
For Goa, you do not require any vaccinations.