Frequently Asked Questions

1. About Certification

After the completion of a course you will receive a Certification/Diploma of Completion describing the number of hours completed and the curriculum – theory and practical studied.

We are individual teachers providing skillset and sharing our knowledge in a friendly setup in India.  Ours is not a school or university. The courses are not a three year University Degree or a long term Diploma in a Collage or University setup.

Our courses are vocational short term programs aiming to give you all the skills in a short time frame with the ease of being able to travel and attend.

With us it it is about the high skills provided and valuable expertise shared with love and care.

The content and teaching gives you all the knowledge and expertise to become a meditation teacher or a professional body worker and start your own practice or work in other facilities.

Our courses fulfill the requirements of hours asked for any regulation and are a proof of expertise gained and hours completed. This is an addition to your CV and presents you for any legal or official frame work.

Moreover the anatomy &  physiology lessons taught in our class prepares you also for the tests that you may require to undergo for qualifying as a massage therapist in certain countries.

But do know that if your aim is just to have a certification accredited in your own country then the certification from our training will not fulfill that requirement.  You should do a course in your own country or if you are from USA then in your own state.

In  fact in USA each state has its own laws and systems for massage work. So even a certificate from one state is not valid at times in another state unless the person requalifies in that state.

In fact no certification however it is claimed from any institute or individuals for such a short term courses, specially from another country is recognized by their own  government body. You must then do a course in your own region. The claims of Government recognized or accredited hold not value when it comes to short term courses.

Holding a recognition from Yoga Alliance or any other such body will have no value for massage work. Some of them are for Yoga and others for massage are valid only in their own countries.

But if you wish to travel, have a different approach towards the body, mind and emotions then the conventional mainstream institutes and gain the most deep insights into learning a bodywork then our course is best suitable to you. The courses are short term, intensive and provides you the knowledge, expertise and skills that otherwise might require attending many classes in a stretched period over a year or so in your own country.

Coming to us allows you to learn in a completely different environment which is though offering much more teaching then most others but in a relaxed, wholesome and multidimensional setup.  Our courses are not just learning but also a retreat for your own self and transformation and opening towards higher in life.

What we are providing is a quality education to make the best of you in your profession at 70% less of the fees of programs in your country.