Ayurbalance Module 2 Massage Training Course in India

Course Overview

This is a advanced massage course which is a continuation of the Level 1 of AyurBalance Bodywork in India where you will learn the more progressive massage theory and specialized focused practical bodywork.
In this course you will gain further expertise to work on lateral body and medial legs work along with approach and techniques for certain physical discomforts, musculoskeletal situations and problems and gaining more confidence.
The course is for the students who have completed Ayurbalance Module 1 training and wish to progress in their skillset of our AyurBalance bodywork. In this module, you will join additional 5 days to complete your experience and expertise of our 12 days of AyurBalance Bodywork Training Module.

This course provides you a Senior Level 2 certification and is a continuing education for Ayurbalance Massage Therapist Training course. The course will allow you to acquire skills in more detail and work on the same areas with new techniques and new areas with similar techniques. Hence, this is a comprehensive advanced massage course in India, which provides a deeper level of training expertise in you. The course is complete in itself and you don’t have to go for expensive long duration trainings to learn the same amount of skill set.

200 hours Massage Teacher Training in India

Prerequisites For Joining The Training

To join this program you should have completed Ayurbalance TTC module 1 first, if needing have once more participated in the module 1 course (that is if you are out of practice and require to revise the course) and then you are eligible to attend this Senior Level Module 2 Advance Training Certification”. Proficiency in any other massage form is not the eligibility criteria for this course”.


What is Ayurbalance Moduel 2 Training?

  • This advanced Massage & Bodywork training is learning specific work and objective approach techniques along with learning to work on the side body (lateral legs and upper body) and medial muscles of legs.
  • This is a training where you will be able to go to specific tissues and work in specialized ways of compartmental separation, myofascial melting, segregation of layers, removal of adhesions, freeing the stuckness and expansion-remoulding of the connective tissues.
  • In this course, you will learn to work on certain issues and correct them.
  • You will get an idea of pains in the body and techniques to bring freedom from certain painful issues.
  • This advance  massage technique module works to release holdings, congested patterns, adhesion, shortenings and denseness to bring a further structural reintegration+ re balancing.

Why join Ayurbalance Module 2 Training Course

  • To learn to give a more effective complete wholesome bodywork benefit.
  • Students who wants to progress from giving just wellness and relaxing massages to challenges of pain management and freedom from discomforts.
  • To have the confidence and knowledge to apply into teaching if that interests you.
  • To be able to develop your own sequences as per the need and requirements.
  • To understand the physiology and anatomy more. To gain more awareness of the body and mind.
  • Repeat the fist Level 1 course and join the Level 2 to gain confidence and possibly to conduct your own classes.
  • Possibility to join our faculty as Rasovai teachers.

Course Module 2 with more Learning

  • Going further with confidence into the techniques.
  • Developing the skills of communication.
  • Looking into psychosomatic situations in relation to the holdings in nthe body, emotional blocks and trauma.Trying to find ways to deal and possibly heal.
  • Learning to bring balance and harmony into oneself and the others and bring that into teaching.
  • Postural dynamics.
  • Interactive practice and keen objectiveness.
  • Discussions, sharing and exchange.
  • Focusing on the issues, defining their reasons, trying to understand the origin and working on the solutions

Daily Schedule


9.00 am

01.30 pm

Demonstration, Study, Guided Practice, Assisting, Theory, Lecture. 

What To Expect

  • Courses are practical and include a larger theory and study as per the curriculum to bring you up to a more confident level of expert therapist.
  • Classes are interactive, students practice on each other changing from being the giver and becoming the recipient. These experiences allow direct feelings and reveal the obvious benefits of the treatment.
  • Each day students take note and after the class type this onto their laptop or tablets. This adds into their assignment hours.
  • The students reviews the content, share their thought, have discussions bring additional techniques, series of movements with its recommendations, indications, contra-indications and related therapist self-care recommendations.
  • All techniques of massages and bodywork are demonstrated by the teacher and then repeated by students until the correct movements are acquired.
  • An integrated approach to the study of anatomy based on the Method Anatomy for Movement designed to deepen the student’s understanding and useful for the practice of massage.
  • Aside from the daily practice of massage and stretches, the students in their free time have the possibility to watch videos
  • Practical practice in relation to the situations presented by the students themselves
  • How to Build Your clientele.
  • Session tests
  • Understanding the Business aspect of massage

AyurBalance Course Dates And Fees

AyurBalance Massage Training Level 2

Continuing Education for Students who have completed their Ayurbalance TTC 100

INR 36000/€ 412 /$ 480/GBP 350
Aswem, Goa


June’2220-24Goa€ 412
Oct’2220-24Goa€ 412
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Package Details and Package Fees (For Goa)

Package 1


No Accommodation*
Course Fees
Course Manuals
Sheets and Massage Oils

Lunch on the training days

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Package 2


Lunch on the training days


INR 35000/€ 412 /$ 480/GBP 350

INR 60500/€ 705/$ 830/GBP 605


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