AyurBalance Teacher Training Course in India 

“Learn To Massage, Learn to Teach”

Course Overview

This is a program for the students who have completed a Ayurbalance Therapist training program and wish to revise and learn more. Here you rejoin into the next or any of the Ayurbalance Massage Therapist Training again to deepen your experience & expertise.

200 hours Massgae Teacher Training in IndiaThis Teachers Training Module is with the Ayurbalance Massage Therapist Training 100 hours course and goes further with advanced learning and teaching module. Here you also learn the more progressive theory and practicals, guiding and training the students, thus developing your own skills as a Teacher or just gaining more confidence and further skill sets.

This course provides you a 200 hours certification and is a continuing education for the Ayurbalance Therapist Training Course. In this training, you acquire skills in more details and get the expertise also to conduct your own workshops.

This is a comprehensive advanced course to bring our the teacher in you. The course is complete in itself and you don’t have to go for expensive long duration trainings to learn the same amount of skill set.

To join this training program you should have completed any of the Ayurbalance TTC 100 first and then you are eligible to Re-join for the Teacher Training certification.

Please note : “The course itself is not 200 hours but the certification is 200 Hours combining  the total course content of Ayurbalance Therapist Training and Ayurbalance Teacher Training”

What is Ayurbalance Teachers Training?

  • This Massage & Bodywork teachers training is a revision of the TTC 100 and going into the work more deeper.
  • This is a training where you also develop the skills to teach and train other in this art.
  • This is a training where you will learn to do the same work also on the floor. The Ayurbalance Floorwork module is a part of this course.
  • In this training you will also learn to use your own FEET to do the same sequence and spread the tissues even more effectively.
  • Here you will also learn more advanced techniques and specific sequences to go further into the inner layers.

Why join Ayurbalance Teachers Training Course

  • To learn to give a more effective complete wholesome bodywork benefit.
  • To learn how to teach this art to others.
  • To have the confidence and knowledge to apply into teaching.
  • To be able ot develop your own sequences as per the need and requirements.
  • To share this knowledge and offer a complete course in this bodywork and massage.

Ayurveda Yoga Massage Training in India

Course Curriculum of Massage Teacher Course (TTC 200)

About Our Course Modules

Course Module One is of 100 hours (Therapist Training) that teaches you the whole massage and bodywork. It develops the skills in you to successfully give sessions in this work. This is a Therapist Course of 100 hours i.e. TTC 100.

The Course module 2 is when you rejoin any of the next TTC 100 course. You refine your skills further and learn extra advanced sequence and techniques. Here you will also assist the new students into developing their skills.

Hence, the course not only covers the Therapist training modules but also goes further with advanced learning and teaching modules as listed below:

Course Module 1 (TTC 100)

  • Introduction to Basics of Ayurveda.
  • Tri-Dosha Theory from Ayurveda.
  • Study and understanding Myofascia, Nadies/Sen Channels.
  • Human anatomy with the use of a virtual programs and supportive video material.
  • Skeletal System,
  • Muscular System.
  • Understanding the Core Muscles and their importance to our life and body balance.
  • Learning the using of hands, fingers, fist, forearm and elbow with our unique special techniques done in a rhythmic, linear & replicative strokes that goes deeper and deeper. As the massage progresses.
  • Application of each specific technique in detail and step-by-step practicing
  • Learning how to systematically free the body from tensions and constrictions, allowing the body to balance itself.
  • Learning to respond to your receiver’s individual needs, to be able to give exactly what is needed. Freed from a specific structure, profound use of the techniques.
  • The importance of and how to work without effort in the most practical ways.
  • Body types and their structural dynamics.
  • Understanding discomforts and releasing them. Paying a lot of attention in how to work on these specific areas.

Course Module 2 with more Learning

  • Revision of the course.
  • Repeatation allows to bring more confidence and integrate the techniques more deeper.
  • Developing the skills of communication.
  • Developing the skills of teaching by guiding and supporting the new students.
  • Cultivating the skills to improvise you own teaching methodology as per the requirements of class.
  • Learning and experiencing the layers of physical being and emotional being of one self and developing skills to understand the other.
  • Learning to bring balance and harmony into oneself and the others and bring that into teaching.
  • Postural dynamics.
  • Interactive practice to Guide and Teach other students.
  • Discussions, sharing and exchange.
  • Helping in the TTC 100 class and practicing to guide the new students.

*NOTE : In the Teacher Training Course you will get to learn Advance techniques and have extra hours with the Yoga Anatomy class learning more Anatomy and supportive bodywork/Yogabalance Bodywork.*


Daily Schedule

The schedule is same as TTC 100 with further Teachers Learning Module

8.00 am

10.00 am

Demonstration, Study, Guided Practice, Assisting, Theory, Lecture

10.00 am

11.00 pm


11.00 pm

2.00 pm

Demonstration, Study, Guided Practice, Assisting, Theory, Lecture

2.00 pm



3.30 pm

5.00 pm

Self Study + Unguided Massage Practice

What To Expect

  • Courses are practical and include a larger theory and study as per the curriculum to bring you up to the level of therapist or teacher.
  • Classes are interactive, students practice on each other changing from being the giver and becoming the recipient. These experiences allow direct feelings and reveal the obvious benefits of the treatment.
  • Each day students take note and after the class type this onto their laptop or tablets. This adds into their assignment hours.
  • Every level reviews the content of the previous course and brings additional techniques, series of movements with its recommendations, indications, contra-indications and related therapist self-care recommendations.
  • All techniques of massages and bodywork are demonstrated by the teacher and then repeated by students until the correct movements are acquired.
  • An integrated approach to the study of anatomy based on the Method Anatomy for Movement designed to deepen the student’s understanding and useful for the practice of massage.
  • Aside from the daily practice of massage and stretches, other tools like active meditations, Yoga, dance and interactive sensorial exercises are used to develop students presence.
  • Practical ‘teaching the students’ practice

  • How to Build Your clientele.
  • Session tests
  • Understanding the Business aspect of massage
  • All students themselves are involved every day in correcting and guiding the fellow students to practice. Thus you get already from the beginning the possibility to learn to train others

AyurBalance Course Dates And Fees

AyurBalance – Ayurvedic Massage Teacher Trainings

Continuing Education for Students who have completed their Ayurbalance TTC 100| 12 Days | Ashwem, Goa

The fees includes 18% Government Service Tax (GST)

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Feb 201904/02/2019 – 15/02/2019Euro 499
Mar 201904/03/2019 – 15/03/2019Euro 499
Apr 201904/04/2019 – 15/04/2019Euro 499
May 201904/05/2019 – 15/05/2019Euro 499
November 201904/11/2019 – 15/11/2019Euro 499
December 201904/12/2019 – 15/12/2019Euro 499

Accommodation and Facilities

This training is conducted at Wellness Inn,Ashvem – North Goa. This Resort is very close to the Ashvem beach. (50 meters to the Ocean).


Near the WellnnessInn ( 1.20 Kms Distance)

Stay option near the training center ( 1.20 Kms Distance)

These are self serviced private rooms with shared living room and a kitchen facility in a two floored House. Each floor has two rooms and a kitchen.

The house has a big terrace on the top and also a space outside each floor to sit and relax.

The beautiful long Ashvem beach is 400 meters from this facility.

To come and go to this house from the teaching center you can take the main road or the beautiful beach way. Its in a walking distance.

There are shops and numerous eating facilities in a vicinity of 100 meters.


Non AC Room(Private bathroom) : Euro 16 a day.

Non AC Room(shared bathroom with another student) : Euro 12 a day.

Big AC Room (shared bathroom with another student): Euro 16 a day.

To book these rooms mail to us at contact@rasovai.com. You will need to pay a deposit of 100 Euros to reserve the room. The remaining payment of these rooms are made to us.

Check the page of Terms & Conditions to know about the payment options.

The other Stay Option:

For Another option of stay inside the teaching premise- WellnessInn itself and more information on meals, taxi pickup-drop please visit-Facilities

*The course schedule remains the same. But the day schedule can vary as per weather or any other circumstantial situation.

The Training starts on the first day at 8 am and finishes on the last day by 6 pm.

Note: To have the Teachers Certification you need to have completed first the 100 Hours certification and then when you can rejoin any of the future Ayurbalance 100 Hours TTC. You will then undergo the course to gain extra expertise and develop further skills.

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