Ayurveda Therapies and Massages

Please read about our sessions and their details to understand what you are going to receive.

If you are looking for genuine, authentic, effective Soothing Oil Massage or Deep Tissue, Myofascial Release Therapeutic massage or session in Reintegration, Rebalancing bodywork or a just a relaxing and rejuvenating massage then read about the sessions from us.

We are the teachers of the massages and are personally offering these sessions in a simple, non spa homely setup and give all out attention by not taking in more then two clients a day by each of us.

The sessions offered by us are the same that we also teach.

  • All our bodywork and massages are unique, impactive, unparallel to other form of bodywork and wholesome. These are not just another spa work but a dedicated care to your body and being.
  • Please read about our sessions and their details to understand what you are going to receive.
  • To book a session please make an appointment through whatsapp or telegram number +(91)-7219681121
  • To confirm you booking you will be required to deposit an advance of 1000Rs using UPI or bank transfer.
  • International visitors can confirm by whatsapp or telegram.

Our sessions are a poetic wholesomeness to your body and being. They take you deep in, reconnect you to yourself, bring a tranquility, peace, relaxation and meditative silence in your being.

Our Prime Massage Sessions

AyurBalancec Myofascial Massage

80mnts. Rupees 3500

  • This is one of our unique deep tissue & myofascial release massage.
  • The massage is a combination of systematic, specific massage strokes over the body with firm deep pressure that increases gradually using hands, fingers, knuckles, forearm and elbow.
  • As it reaches deeper engaging the whole body’s fascia, it melts away the adhesions, as well as chronic holding patterns which we call as body armoring thereby encouraging the improvement and healing potential of the body.
  • The massage brings not only relaxation, rejuvenation, recharge and reharmonization of the but but also creates a tranquility and peace in our being.
AyurBalancec Myofascial Massage

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Full Body Gentle Touch Oil Massage

60mnts. Rupees 3000

AyurBalancec Gentle Touch Massage
  • This is a gentle flowing massage we use gliding hands in various rhythmic motions to massage the body.
  • The massage is working on the superficial tissues to tone them and effecting the neuro muscular junction to de-clog the over burdened nervous system.
  • The massage is nourishing, refreshing, calming, caring and comforting.
  • The gentle yet deep movements that the therapist does with the hands increases the circulation and brings better oxygenation throughout the body, as to increase the cellular metabolism and repair.
  • This is best suited for anyone who is looking to be massaged with a proper technique but in a gentle form.

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Barefoot Indian Deep Tissue Massage

60mnts. Rupees 3500

  • Done with the feet this is a powerful, satisfying massage that goes deeper then the normal deep tissue work done on the whole body using feet.
  • This bodywork works very well on the hardened and stiffened layers of muscles and tissues to remove their tensions and frozen fibers. Thereby this massage creates a new flowingness & easiness in the body.
  • The stokes are done with the feet going in a linear motion and in cross section over the different areas of the body. We skip the belly and chest in the work when client does not require or do not want it.
Barefoot Deep Tissue Massage

Bio-Mobilization Massage

80mnts. Rupees 3500

Bio-Mobilization Massage
  • Another deep work from Rasovai that combines beautiful systematic opening and expanding massage movements on the body and combining supportive yogic stretches in a harmonious way.
  • The massage strokes are not only linear but also done in cross section to the movement of the muscles thereby facilitating an extra expansion and openness to the body.
  • Due to the combination of the massage and stretching’s which offers a wholesome experience, the work brings freedom from restrictions, flow of prana creating space and elasticity in the muscles and tissues.
  • The massage is done on the massage mattress on the floor using hands and fist.

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Rasovai Abhyanga Massage

60mnts. Rupees 3000

  • This is the traditional Ayurvedic soft massage done using one Ayurvedic medical Oils like Mahanarayan/ Dahnvantaram/Bala/Chandanadi and others depending upon your physical situation and Dosha imbalance.
  • The massage is done with rhythemic long strokes moving over the body and along the meridian lines.
  • This is a beautiful relaxing massage evolved by Rasovai to provide extra care to the body and much more soothing techniques to soften the tissues and bring a gentle feeling throughout the body.
  • This massage also helps to take away the anxieties, bring the air element in balance (vata balancing) and when done with also addition of ayurvedic medical oils the effect is also seen in removal of certain ailments.
  • Due to the long strokes that go from almost head to toe, Abhyanga stimulates the lymphatic and parasympathetic nervous system and it creates a sense of wellbeing and improvement in clients.
Abhyanga Massage

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Enquiry and Booking

  • To book for any session and to know the location please whatsapp or telegram us. We will then send you the QR code to make an advance booking payment of 1000 rupees.
  • You can receive these sessions abroad too from our trained therapists. Check the page of Our Therapists for the locations and details.
  • In case if you cannot come for the session, please inform us a day in advance to change the time or day.
  • If you fail to inform us at least a day before then your amount of advance payment will not be returned.
  • We maintain silence during the session.
  • Please come without any intoxication.
  • Mobile will have to be switched off during the session.
  • We reserve the right to cancel the session in case of disruptive or aggressive, show off or narcistic behavior before or during the session.
  • We thank you for your trust in us and offering your body on our table to be worked upon.