In Touch with the Touch: An Important Benefit of Massage.

Massage is an amazing work- both as a receiver and giver. It takes the receiver to a pleasant, relaxing experience which may have any number of minor therapeutic benefits, such as bringing your blood pressure down and reducing the lower back pain or even liberating from some emotional blocks.

Any massage professional  is able to observe that touch provokes introspection, insight, and inspiration. The experience  of any contact that is an Intense and/or novel sensation can reveal deeper calmer self. Above all, massage reminds us what it is like to feel good, and we often desperately need that reminder.We may then feel highly motivated to reclaim that sense of well-being in the rest of our lives.


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However, the subtler benefits of massage extend well beyond that, beyond the territory of physical, emotional and psychological benefits that are virtually impossible to define or measure — and surprisingly potent.

The massage brings the giver and receiver both closer to themselves and take them into the depths that are usually not possible in general life. This ‘connecting to oneself’ is one big reason of satisfaction from a profound massage. We have known that our day today life  takes us away from our self, the real us, the inner us!

Massage introduces us back to ourselves!

This re-meeting of the forgotten, the lost, is the real reason of the immense satisfaction and peace that arises out of a massage.