An ‘Ayur-Yogic-Meditative Massage’ Training Course

‘Rasovai’ AyurYoga Massage Training is an Online and onsite program in ‘Goa-India’ and ‘Bali’ to learn a Ayur (Life) enrichment bodywork that includes Meditative Contact Touch & Yogic Bio-Mobilization methods.

Ayuryoga massage is a wholesome Life Transforming-Meditative Contact bodywork that combines the use of sequences of multiple, firm and deep  strokes to reform the tissues and bring them to their original harmonious state and create a deep state of relaxation and meditative silence in the receiver.

On physiological side, one very special thing about  this massage is that the tissues are not only worked longitudinally like other massages but also massaged in cross section to expand them in their transverse plane thereby resulting in a complete openness and expansion of the body.

Along with massaging the body,  AyurYoga massage also combines gentle ‘Awareness Full’ supportive yogic stretches in the work to bring an extra freedom from restrictions and open the body-mind beyond their limitations.

The massage  can be done both on a table and also on a massage mattress on the floor.

All the movements in the massage are done with Meditative Awareness. In the work you bring your awareness to the hands which are in contact with the receiver and at the same time you keep your attentiveness to the Seventh Chakra at the top of your head. This is the Chakra of liberation, the chakra of connecting to the Cosmic Consciousness- The Parmatma. You awareness on this during the bodywork allows the chakra to open its doors to receive the cosmic healing, universal consciousness in to you and through you to flow to the receiver. This makes the bodywork a unique experience of not jsut relaxation, reharmonization but also of a transformation.

It’s the freedom from restrictions that evolves one to rise high and break the boundaries”.

This is what we feel when we work with the flowing form of Rasovai AyurYoga massage.

Rasovai is offering this Ayuryoga  massage course in India in Goa in North Goa.

AyurYoga Massage Online Training: We are also conducting  personal private training of this bodywork on zoom. This is one to one coaching and you are taught in person. You are shown the techniques and guided through the method. The lectures are also in person. This online course carries a Discount of 80$. This online course can be attended in a very flexible time frame as per your convenience. You can choose the dates, time and duration for each lessons. For more information mail to us on

Our course is an intensive and a very comprehensive learning program  that teaches you a bodywork that is unparallel to any other Non- Table massage.AyurYoga Massage Training in Goa

Highlights of AyurYoga Massage Course

  • This is one massage where the session is offered on a mat or a mattress on the floor or also can be offered on a table. The effect is a same irrespective of where you offer.
  • In the training you learn to work in both the ways.
  • Specialty 1. its a proper massage. Different segments are massaged with the use of Sesame or Coconut oil.
  • The massage is done using hands, knuckles, fist and fingers.
  • Specialty 2. The massage strokes are not only going towards the direction of the muscles but also are given transversely to the direction of the movement of the muscle direction so as to open them and unglue them from their adhesiveness.
  • Specialty 3. With the massage of each segment of the body, a further expansion and opening is provided by giving unique supportive yogic stretches, manipulations and movements.
  • Specialty 4. Along with giving a stretch to a certain limb,  the stretched tissues are further opened by giving massage strokes in the same time. This opens up the antagonist even more then that is possible with any other bodywork modality.
  • This bodywork session can be offered on the go or in a simple non spa set up.
  • Its also easy to work with this form from the freedom of your own house. Thereby, you get a big flexibility in sense of working with freedom.
  • This bodywork is also a further skill development for Yoga teachers who can add services of yoga based massage session provider for their students. This also allows the students to further open up their bodies and have a profound effect with the practice.
  • The massage can be given as single session just to remove tensions, tiredness, fatigue and bring relaxation, serenity, easiness and flow of prana (energy) or it can be done as progressive multiple therapeutic sessions to detoxify, clean the body and rejuvenate, recharge, transform and reform the physiology and being.
  • The massage is wholesome and complete. A session normally covers the whole body. You can also give this massage as a segmental bodywork covering only certain parts in one session. For example, you can also give only the back massage or legs massage or head, neck and face massage.

AyurYoga Massage Training in India

About the Training

  • The Onsight course is taught each day as per schedule and you progress step by step covering each area and working in certain specific ways.
  • The training is practical and comprehensive. There are interactive theoretical lessons to provide the base for this bodywork form.
  • Each day the students are shown demonstration of the techniques and then do practice on each other to get the techniques thoroughly.
  • One important aspect of learning here is that you also learn the significance and importance of each stroke that you give and each stretch that you provide. You learn the muscles and parts of the body that it is working upon and the benefit that it is providing. You do not just randomly do strokes without the reason and orientation of a result.
  • All the massage work during the practice brings a very positively healing effect on the students themselves.
  • You will learn to use your hands, fist, knuckles and fingers in a synchronized way to reach into various layers of the body.
  • You will also learn various supportive manipulations; Yoga based stretches and how to harmoniously combine them in the massage to bring more opening in the same session.
  • Lecture on Basics of Ayurveda and constitution (Dosha) theory.
  • Lecture on skeletal system and joints.
  • Lecture on Muscular system.
  • Anatomy in Motion and Stretch effects.
  • Lecture on fascia and its significance.
  • In the end the student is capable to give a full body satisfactory session.
  • The course is designed in such a way that irrespective of your background in anatomy, yoga or massage, you will be able to learn this form

How the Training is Conducted (the on site training schedule)

Day 6 is a off day.

Day 1.

09:30 PM – 01:00 PM

Orientation Ceremony. Information sharing.

Theory, Demonstration, Learning, Guided Practice of the back.

01:00 PM – 2:30 PM


02:30 PM – 05:00 PM

Practice. Lecture, Anatomy, Discussion, Q& A

Day 2 – Day 6


09:30 AM – 01:00 PM

Theory, Demonstration, Learning, Guided Practice.

01:00 PM – 2:30 PM


02:30 PM – 05:00 PM

Practice. Lecture, Anatomy, Discussion, Q& A

Day 7

09:30 AM – 01:00 PM

Complete Practice. First batch.

01:00 PM – 2:30 PM


02:30 PM – 05:00 PM

Discussion, Q& A


Day 8

09:30 AM – 01:00 PM

Complete Practice. Second batch.

01:00 PM – 2:30 PM


02:30 PM – 05:00 PM

Discussion, Q& A. Talks. Certification

AyurYoga Massage Therapist Training Dates and Price

Day 6 off

AyurYoga Massage Training

INR 35000/€ 410 /$ 480/GBP 350

Check applicable discounts & packages below

Flexible Days

(Online Course)

All Months


€ 750
2 to 8Oct’21Goa€ 410
21 to 27Oct’21Goa€ 410
2 to 8Nov’21Goa€ 410
21 to 27Nov’21Goa€ 410
2 to 8Dec’21Goa€ 410
21 to 27Jan’22Goa€ 410
2 to 8Feb’22Goa€ 410
21 to 27Feb’22Goa€ 410
2 to 8March’22Goa€ 410
21 to 27March’22Goa€ 410
2 to 8Apr’22Goa€ 410
21 to 27Apr’22Goa€ 410
2 to 8July’22Goa€ 410
21 to 27July’22Goa€ 410
2 to 8Aug’22Goa€ 410
21 to 27Aug’22Goa€ 410
2 to 8Sept’22Goa€ 410
21 to 27Sept’22Goa€ 410
2 to 8Oct’22Goa€ 410
21 to 27Oct’22Goa€ 410
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Package Details and Package Fees

Package 1


No Accommodation*
Course Fees
Course Manuals
Sheets and Massage Oils

Lunch on the training days

  • *Mail us for the various accommodation options and their details.


Package 2 


Lunch on the training days

*Upon availability.

Package 3

Lunch on the training days

*We can book or send you the details of various options around.

INR 35000/€ 410 /$ 480/GBP 350

INR 48500/€ 565/$ 665/GBP 485

INR 60500/€ 705/$ 830/GBP 605


  1. Discount 1: 8,500 Rupees discount to the Indian nationals.
  2. Discount 2: Pay 100% Fees on Registration and get 100€ discount.
  3. Join two trainings and get 100€ discount.
  4. Mail us for other applicable discounts/for a personalized package.



  1. Discount 1: 10,000 Rupees discount to the Indian nationals.
  2. Discount 2: Pay 100% Fees on Registration and get 100€ discount.
  3. Join two trainings and get 100€ discount.
  4. Mail us for other applicable discounts/for a personalized package.


  1. Discount 1: 15,000 Rupees discount to the Indian nationals.
  2. Discount 2: Pay 100% Fees on Registration and get 100€ discount.
  3. Join two trainings and get 100€ discount.
  4. Mail us for other applicable discounts/for a personalized package.

Payment Policy

Booking & Payment

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The fees will be accepted only in Rupees, Euro or US Dollars only as the mentioned fees above.
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Payment Methods

We accept payment by paypal, cash, online transfer to Rasovai account in India or to our Belgian account. You can use the services of Wise to save the international transfer costs while making the payment internationally.

Please read and confirm that you fully understand our Terms and Conditions before making your payments as other payment and cancellation policies also apply.

About Our Massage Training Location

Goa: This training is taking place at Wellnessinn resort in the lovely coastal village of Aswem in the North Goa-India. This location is perfect for a training and is right next to the beach across the road. The location provides perfect getaway into the Goan Coastal life. The program thus turns not only a learning experience but also a retreat with all the effects of this fabulous massage being experienced on oneself. Wellnessinn resort is run by a lovely group of happy people with spiritual and meditative orientation. It’s a very warm welcoming place with lovely dining area having a lounge based sitting theme to have a laid back relaxed dining experience after the classes.

Bali: Bali is the perfect getaway heaven on this planet. It is the spiritual land of true spiritualism with unending beauty and nature. In Bali the training is conducted at Villa Perancis in the coastal region of Amed. The resort is perfect for learning, retreating and evolving.