Learn the therapeutic art of Rasovai Yin Yogic Massage 

We invite you to our ‘Yin Yogic Massage Therapist Training’ in ‘Goa-India’

  • The training is offered by Chetan of Rasovai and is conducted at the location of Oceanic Yoga in Morjim Goa, India.
  • This is a massage that combines the use of sequenced, firm and effective massage strokes along the Meridian Lines following with Assisted Contact Yogic openings followed by further massage on the muscles and tendons that block & resist the stretches.
  • This massage is relaxing, rejuvenating and also a therapeutic transforming bodywork leading to Freedom from Restrictions, dissolving of Character Structural Armoring, Flowing of more Prana & Vitality in the body and restoration of Balance in the body, mind and Emotions.
  • This is a bodywork that is given on a massage mattress on the floor without needing a table.
  • If you are looking for a bodywork and massage that is unique, special, highly effective, then come and learn the art of Yin Yogic full body massage with us.

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AyurYoga Massage Training in Goa

About our training location: 

Goa: This training is taking place in the premises of Oceanic Yoga in Morjim  in the North Goa-India. please note that Rasovai is not a part of Oceaninc Yoga and just uses the space to offer their trainings. The training is  conducted by Chetan of Rasovai. You have the possibility to stay in the secured, tranquil and serene atmosphere in a yogic, meditative space of Oceanic Yoga or take u accomodaiton outside near by at various facilities. You can check their details here.

Our location is in nestled between the foothills hills of Morjim and 800ms from the beach. It is a very serene peaceful location with forest around and fresh Jungle air.
This area provide an ideal setup not to just learn but also to enjoy the coastal life of Goa.
The program thus turns into a learning experience and also into a retreat with all the effects of this fabulous massage being experienced on oneself.

Mail us for other interesting places, locations that you can experience while during your stay.

AyurYoga Massage Training in India


Highlights of the Rasovai Yin Yogic Massage 

  • This is one massage where the session is offered on a mat or a mattress on the floor removing the dependency on a table.
  •  Its a proper massage. First the area is massage with hand and fist. The Meridian lines are worked with fingers, thumb or tools.
  • With the massage of each segment of the body, a further expansion, and opening is provided by giving unique Slow, assisted stretches that are held up for an extended duration of up to 30 seconds.
  •  Along with giving a stretch to a certain limb, the stretched tissues are opened even more by giving further massage over the tendons and muscles.
  • Calamus powder is also used in the massage which has extra benefit of toxin removal + mood & emotional elevation. Read more about the powders here.
  • As a general session the massage helps in tension removal, tiredness, fatigue and brings relaxation to the body and mind.


Topics Covered

  1. Learning Basic Anatomy of the muscles & tendons that are worked upon.
  2. Learning the slow, powerful and deep massage strokes over the whole body.
  3. Going over the major meridians with thumb, fingers or wooden tools.
  4. Learning the impactive Assisted Yin Stretches and using them to open the body.
  5. Learning to massage the tendons and muscles that are blocking or restricting the stretching limit.
  6. The Detox Powder that can be optionally used in the massage.
  7. Demonstration of the Massage moves and Assisted Stretches.
  8. Guided Practices.
  9. Re practices.
  10. Text and Book provided.
  11. Video of Each Sequence is provided to remember the techniques and their sequence

Training Time, Dates and Price




INR 38500/Goa

2.30 Pm to 6.00 Pm 

Sunday is a break day 

Check the Accommodation options

Starting DateEnd DateLocationPricing
25 Oct03 Nov’24Goa

€ 425

18 Nov27 Nov’24Goa

€ 425

06 Jan15 Jan’25Goa

€ 425

21 Feb02 Mar’25Goa

€ 425

09 Apr18 Apr’25Goa

€ 425



Payment Policy

Booking & Payment

To book for the course please fill up the Booking Form and submit it.

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The fees will be accepted only in Rupees, Euro, Pounds or US Dollars only as per the mentioned fees above.
Payment Methods

We accept payment by paypal, cash, or online transfer to Rasovai account in India. You can use the services of Wise to save the international transfer costs while making the payment internationally.

Please read and confirm that you fully understand our Terms and Conditions before making your payments as other payment and cancellation policies also apply.

About Our Certification

The certificate given by us is valid and accepted in most of the countries as long as you fulfill the other legal requirements of your region.
The course content and teaching provide you all the skills to become a professional body worker and start your own practice or work in other facilities.
The course is an intensive vocational short period training. It is not similar to a three- or- four- year physiotherapist University Degree or a long- term Diploma in a Collage or University setup.
In fact, no certification, with the claim of Government recognized or accredited for a short- duration course, hold no standing similar to hundreds of hours of course running over more then a year.

Coming to us allows you to learn in a completely different relaxed environment.
Our courses are a learning program and also a retreat for your own self.
What we are providing is a full massage training in one course without adding unnecessary levels to the program and at 50% less fees of similar programs in the west.