AyurYoga Massage Therapist Training Course in India

A Bio- Mobilization Myofascial Rebalancing Massage

Yoga is the science of fusion of the body, mind and soul. It is ‘The Bridge’ between these three. To have this fusion, the three needs to expand and cross their limitations from their cocoon state to that one of freedom, openness, flowingness, expandedness and boundrylessness.

Yoga begins from the body and takes a journey forward to the merging into the existential energy. We can say ‘it’s the expansion of the mass towards the energy’.

Yoga is the ‘expansion in balance’ and the ‘balance with expansion’. Certain asanas bring an expansion and at the same time create a balance in oneself. Certain other asanas (the balancing poses) bring balance to the body and mind and at the same time create an expansion to the tissues. Irrespective of which pose you do there is bound to be a creation of elasticity, flexibility, suppleness, openness, harmony combined with strength, groundedness and balance in oneself.

Massage is relaxation and reharmony. A nice skilled massage leads to a profound relaxation and reintegration of the limbs and being. It brings the body, mind and being to the original state of equilibrium and easiness. Of course there are numerous other benefits associated with a proper massage too, like freshness, invigorateness, tension relief, lymphatic drainage, detoxification, stress release, removal or tiredness and fatigue, inducing calmness and serenity and much more. These are all the results of any conscious soothing scientific massage.

‘Rasovai’ school has introduced Ayuryoga Massage Training in India is one such bodywork that is combining the benefits of the two (Yoga and Massage) in a very scientific and well structured way.

This is a proper massage that is working on the various levels with the use of specific lengthening and relaxing massage strokes to open up the muscles and various tissues. We term the work as ‘Defrosting the Adhesions’. The work combines use of sequences of multiple stokes to different approaches like melting the fascia, cross fiber stokes, unfreezing the adhesions, defrosting the stuckness between the layers of tissues, compartmental separation and much more.

Once the body is warmed up with the various stages of massage strokes then gentle opening supportive yogic stretches are added into this craft, inducing further musculoskeletal alignment.

The expansion based yogic stretches in this form along with the deep tissue work brings that wholesome wellness that is unparallel to any bodywork.

The client feels an uplifteded fulfillment of body, mind and being leading to a dramatic shift in the life and living.

The work is also known to be affecting the physio and interlinked psycho patterns, armoring, holdings and deep seated traumas and unresolved issues.

Though unclaimed and not intended though, Rasovai Ayuryoga Massage at times has freed the individuals of much physical sufferings and mental anguish leading to a new fresh life.

It’s the freedom from restrictions that evolves one to rise high and break the boundaries”.

This is what we feel when we work with the flowing form of Rasovai Ayuryoga massage.

This is what we experience weather we are the giver or receiver of this art and craft of Rasovai Ayuryoga Massage.

Rasovai is offering this training to learn this special form. This is an intensive and a very comprehensive training teaching you this bodywork in a playful yet serious learning period.

AyurYoga Massage Training in Goa

Highlights of AyurYoga Massage Course

This is one massage where the session is offered on a mat or a mattress on the floor without the need of a massage table.

In the Rasovai Ayuryoga Massage form, first the different segments are massaged with the use of Sesame or Coconut oil. The massage is done using hands, knuckles, fist and fingers to awaken and warm up the muscles and tissues Then further deep work is done if needed using knee or/and feet in a gentle but yet powerful way to reach to the levels and layers that is not possible with hands. After the tissues of each segment are opened up there is further expansion and opening provided by giving unique supportive yogic moves. On top, on the part that is getting stretched, the bodyworker in some sequence applies firm lengthening massage strokes to bring further extra results of opening to the antagonists. This rewarding combination takes the work to a completely different level.

You can offer this bodywork session on the go or in a simple non spa set up or from the freedom of your own house. Thereby, you get a big flexibility in sense of working with freedom.
This bodywork is also a further skill development for Yoga teachers who can add services of yoga based massage session provider for their students. This also allows the students to further open up their bodies and have a profound effect with the practice.
The massage is highly effective to transform the people’s physiology and inner self. These sessions are unlike other work and bring out some very effective results.
The massage can be given as single session just to remove tensions, tiredness, fatigue and bring relaxation, serenity, easiness and flow of prana ( energy) or it can be done as progressive multiple therapeutic sessions to detoxify, clean the body and rejuvenate, recharge, transform and reform the physiology and being.
The massage is wholesome and complete. It covers the whole body. You can also give this massage as a segmental bodywork covering only certain parts in one session. For example you can also give only the back massage or legs massage or head, neck and face massage.

AyurYoga Massage Training in India

About the Training

We are sharing this massage art form in an intensive 10 days complete course to give you the knowledge, practice and expertise to successfully offer whole body sessions to your clients.

The training is not just a learning program but is also a beneficial wholesome retreat for one self. All the massage work during the practice brings a very positively healing effect on the students themselves. The course is designed in such a way that irrespective of your background in yoga or massage, you will learn this form in a playful and joyous way during the training.

The course is taught each day and you progress step by step covering each area and working in certain specific ways.

The training is practical and comprehensive. There are interactive theoretical lessons to provide the base for this bodywork form.

You will learn to use your hands, fist, knuckles and fingers to reach into various layers of the body in a synchronized way. You will also be learning on how to use your KNEE or FEET (the highlight of this massage) to work in some very unique ways and be able to create a high level of satisfaction in relieving the Tension, Fatigue and Stress from the body.
In this massage to use feet you don’t need to assemble parallel bars like in Ashiatsu or rope hung from ceiling like in Kalari. Here we are using stool or chair to balance the weight and shift it as per the need and receptivity of the client.

You will also learn various supportive manipulations; Yoga based stretches and how to harmoniously combine them in the massage to bring more opening in the same session.

You will learn the basics of Ayurveda and the constitution (Dosha) theory.

You will learn about the sesame and coconut oils used in this massage and their qualities.

With the progress of practical work you will also learn the simplified anatomy related to the massage.

One important aspect of learning here is that you also learn the significance and importance of each stroke that you give and each stretch that you provide. You learn the muscles and parts of the body that it is working upon and the benefit that it is providing. You do not just randomly do strokes without the reason and orientation of a result.

Video visuals and vocal guidance is given during the practice.

There is discussion and sharing each day.

Lecture on Yoga and Yoga Anatomy.

Lecture on Basics of Ayurveda and Dosha theory.

Lecture on skeletal system and joints.

Lecture on Muscular system.

Lecture on fascia and its significance.

Students are given Massage book that contains:

  • Technique pictures of the moves and their description.
  • Pictures of supportive stretches that are performed with their purpose and the tissues that they work upon.
  • Text and theory.
  • Anatomy pictures. Origin and insertion of the main muscles that we are working on
  • Ayurveda text and explanation.

How the Training is Conducted

The course is interactive.

Each day the students are presented with new techniques, see the demonstration of them and then do practice on each other to get the techniques thoroughly.

The practiced moves, strokes and stretches are repeated and revised multiple times to get a thorough knowledge of them.

The teaching progresses with covering each new part every day.

In the end the student is capable to give a full body satisfactory session.

Video visuals and vocal guidance is given during the practice.

There is discussion and sharing each day.

A lecture on Basics of Ayurveda and Dosha theory.

A lecture on skeletal system and joints.

A lecture on Muscular system.

A lecture on Yoga Anatomy.

Students are given Massage book that contains:

  • Technique pictures of the moves and their description.
  • Pictures of supportive stretches that are performed with their purpose and the tissues that they work upon.
  • Text and theory.
  • Anatomy pictures. Origin and insertion of the main muscles that we are working on.
  • Ayurveda text and explanation.
Day 1
  • 11:00 AM – 02:00 PM

    Orientation Ceremony And Introduction to the course.

  • 02:00 PM – 3:30 PM Lunch (Included in the price)
  • 03:30 PM – 05:30 PM

    Demonstration of the back work and Guided practice

Day 2 – Day 7
  • 8:00 AM – 10:00 AM

    Demo, Repractice, Demonstration, Guided Practice, Theory and discussions.

  • 10.00 AM – 11 AM Breakfast.
  • 11:00 AM – 02:00 PM

    Demo, Repractice, Demonstration, Guided Practice, Theory and discussions.

Day 8 And 9
    • 8:00 AM – 10:00 AM

      Complete Body Practice

    • 10.00 AM – 11 AM Breakfast
    • 11:00 AM – 01:00 PM

      Discussion, corrections and theory

Day 10
    • 09:30 AM


10.00 AM – 11 AM Breakfast

11:00 AM – 01:30 PM

Discussion, Closing ceremony and certification.

AyurYoga Massage Course in India

AyurYoga Massage Therapist Training Dates and Price

AyurYoga Massage Training

47,200 INR or 590 EUR | North Goa

The fees includes 18% Government Service Tax (GST)

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21st to 30th MayNorth GoaFrom Euro 599
24th July to 2nd AugNorth GoaFrom Euro 599
1st to 10th SeptNorth GoaFrom Euro 599
24th Nov to 3rd DecNorth GoaFrom Euro 599
8th to 17th JanuaryNorth GoaFrom Euro 599
14th to 23rd FebNorth GoaFrom Euro 599


  1. Package 1: Includes Fees + Meals in the break during the course + book & pen + one Rasovai T shirt + oils and sheets needed for the course :  599 Euros/48000 Rupees. 
  2. Package 2: Includes Fees + taxi pick up and drop to the airport + Meals in the break during the course + book & pen +  one Rasovai T shirt + oils and sheets needed for the course +  13 Days Budget or External accommodation: 850 Euros/66500 Rupees. *100 Euro Discount in the months of May, July & September.
  3. Package 3: Includes Fees +  taxi pick up and drop to the airport + Meals in the break during the course + book & pen + one Rasovai T shirt + oils and sheets needed for the course + 13 days Private Accommodation: 930 Euros/72000 Rupees. * 250 Euro Discount in the months of May, July & September. Check the rooms

OTHER DISCOUNTS: If you do any two different courses one after the other then there is a 100 Euro discount on the total amount of any package that you take. If the training is already discounted for example like in the months of May or another month then this discount is not further added to it.

Travel Tips

If possible arrive a day before to be ready and fresh to start the course.
Taxi pick up and drop (outside the package) to the airport (70 Kms). Pick up- 25 Euros. Drop- 22 Euros.
The taxi rates can vary depending upon the rise in fuel prices.

About Our Massage Training Location

Massage center goa

This training is taking place at Wellness resort in the lovely coastal village of Aswem in the North Goa. This location is perfect for a training and is right next to the beach across the road. The  location provides perfect getaway into the Goan Coastal life.  The program thus turns not only a learning experience but also a retreat with all the effects of this fabulous massage being experienced on oneself. Wellnessinn resort is run by a lovely group of happy people with spiritual and meditative orientation. It’s a very warm welcoming place with lovely dining area having a lounge based sitting theme to have a laid back relaxed dining experience after the classes.

Training in the months of July and September:

These are the months of rains in Goa. Goa turns into a green paradise and immensely calm.You will have all the silence with only sound of rain drops and beautiful nature to look at. Though it rains but it is completely different then the rains that one experiences back at home. Here it is enchanting and enthralling. Though be prepared for some wetness around.

Training in the months of November, December, March, April and May:

These are the dry months in Goa. These months present a dry, sunny climate. Irrespective of which month you choose to come to Goa you cannot be wrong. Each time has its beauty and positives. During the training as the afternoons are off you can go to the sea, have a swim or just a relaxing time on the  beach. At times you can also do some excursions and visit the local temples, monuments, night market, Arambol Market and beach and Chapora river bank that flows in the regions.