Charaiveti Massage: Intuitive Therapy with the Feet

In the history of massages, the work with feet is one area that has been overlooked and neglected. For most of us, massage means a work on the table using hands.

Hands are very important tool. They are tool that are gifted with the diagnostic sensitivity and at the same time are instruments of relaxing and healing, depending on how you are evolved or qualified to use them. You can just give a nice relaxing massage or do a therapeutic work.
Charaiveti foot massage courses in IndiaThe work with feet can be equally efficient. We have learnt to neglect our feet since we climbed down from the trees. We don’t use them to hold, to touch or much more. Mostly they are only used for walking.

Reiki master and healer ‘Dadu Hameer’ has experienced that the feet are equally important tool in the world of healing. We just need to learn to bring the sensitivity back in them.

Charaiveti massage is one work where only feet are used. Its a barefoot massage modality that uses deep compression and short precise strokes. This massage combines the qualities of a soft relaxing work in combination with the depths and therapeutic massage. The massage is based on the principals of ‘Ayur Balance’ massage incorporating the modern soft tissue work with ancient ayurvedic feet work.

But unlike the traditional ayurvedic feet massage where the massage is given in a droni ( a wooden chamber cut out of a tree) with the patient having to endure the suffering of lying  on this hard surface Charaiveti  is done on a soft surface on the floor.

Charaiveti Foot Massage Class India

In the traditional Kerala style massage, huge amount of oil is poured on the body and the strokes are long. Charaiveti reduces the use of lubricant making it possible to go deeper into the tissues and allowing to flow with pleasurable continuation.

There are some other feet massage techniques as well. Like bar ashiatsu where the masseur holds a bar connected to the ceiling and massages on a heighted table. This needs special prepared room with bars attached to the ceiling. Moreover this massage is mostly only given to the back side.

Chariaiveti massage is not using a rope or a rod/bar attached to the ceiling. And it does not require a table or any special apparatus. The massage can be done anyplace as long as you can organize a mattress or even a yoga mat with some cushioning like a thick towel. And for balancing yourself you use a stool. Use of stool also has the added advantage of allowing you to vary your pressure more or less by shifting the weight on stool by increasing or reducing it.
Charaiveti foot massage training in India
Charaiveti is the only feet massage that covers the whole body. And it is safe. The feet are used to address the soft tissues with the use of a stool that keeps a precise control over the pressure that is being applied over the receiver. The possibility of being able to use feet and shift weight between the stool and the receiver as per the need makes this massage even more amazing then many other varieties of work.
For many massage professional Charaiveti massage is a great addition to their work as they can offer their clients a variation and give a break to their hands. But the work is equally appealing even for the new comers into the world of massage.

Rediscovering the capabilities of own feet gives a profound satisfaction to one.