Please fill up the form below to reserve your spot in the Meditation courses. If you require any details regarding the course then please visit the respective pages. If you have any questions before making the reservation for the programs, then please mail us atcontact@rasovai.comor submit your query HERE.

If you are booking for the Meditation Program (Retreat) then pay the complete fees as per the package that you choose. If you are booking for the ‘Meditation Teacher Training Course’ then please make a advance deposit of 200 Euro or 18000 Rupees or 240 Dollars or 175 Pounds by using one of the options as provided in the “Instructions and terms and conditions” page. This link has the ‘details to make payment’, ‘return and refund options’ and ‘other terms and conditions’.

Please read the “Instructions and terms and conditions” carefully before you submit the Reservation form and make the payment. By filing up the form you agree that you have read the page completely and understand it.

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    Please read the terms and conditions before you submit the enrollment form.