Yoga Anatomy And Massage Training Course

The course of Yoga Anatomy & Massage is a learning program to understand and gain knowledge of functional yogic anatomy on a basic level and at the same time gain expertise in our unique AyurYoga Massage & Bodywork.

The course specialty is that you join this training together with our AyurYoga Massage Training Module. This brings you a possibility to gain practical and physical feel of the body and its experience on a personal level + you get a added skill set along with learning the Yoga Anatomy. In fact you learn not only the Yoga Anatomy but also become a bodyworker who can work on their Yoga students or other clients to even offer individual sessions in a nice yoga based massage.

The course is about learning Anatomy as applicable in Yoga practice. We start with the very basic anatomy and physiology, then progress to the Yoga Applied Anatomy as per the body part covered in the massage training. Additionally you will also learn the various supportive therapeutic yogic manipulations of AyurYoga Massage and information in relation to physical re harmonization.

This is program that provide you the skill set to apply them in your class giving it a special edge. This training also gives you the knowledge and expertise to be able to offer Anatomy classes to Yoga Teachers Training Courses. This training is about understanding the complexity and diversity of our own humanness as well as our anatomy and use their application into oneself or the class that one leads.

Yoga Students or Teachers who want to expand their understanding of Body and Functional Anatomy are welcomes to join this training.

Yoga Anatomy Training in India
By providing specific skills in the following key areas this workshop aims to assist you in becoming a more professional and effective teacher:
We often interact with anatomy in two key places. The first is relative to injury, either in a preventative way or after some type of injury has occurred. The second is when we want to do a particular asana, but can’t, and want to know why. In other words, you’re looking for the technique or anatomical restriction that limits your ability to do a pose. This is where yoga anatomy comes in.

What you will gain from the course

*The points mentioned below are not necessarily the course curriculum but the outcome of attending the course.

  • Learn Anatomy to gain further understanding of the body and its elements.
  • Understand  Foundation in evaluating asana (postures).
  • Gain skills in body reading.
  • Gain understanding to have the expertise through the learning strength and restrictions in clients.
  • Go deeper into yoga Teaching and have the required Anatomical knowledge base on how the Asanas function.
  • Have the Applied Anatomy and Physiology knowledge base to be able for yourself teach the same as an Anatomy Teacher.
  • Be able to provide supportive Yoga or Yogic Bodywork to clients or students who have Ageing factors or physical limitations. This also provides an additional expertise that is useful even to your general fit and healthy students.
  • To improve your teaching skills and have the expertise to resolve the general queries that comes up as a Yoga teacher.
  • Be able to have understanding physical problems and issues in your Yoga classes.
  • Be able to provide guidance to the students as per their individual body dynamics.
  • Gain that extra knowledge and expertise in Functional Yoga Anatomy and Physiology.
  • Have understanding of psychological aspects of individuals and having the capability to handle them in your class.
  • Experience the body by touch and massage.
  • Learn the high end AyurYoga massage and bodywork.

Then this is one course for you that will give you the necessary hours of study and practice to incorporate into your Teachings or possibly up as a career to be a Yoga Anatomy Teacher.

Certification :

*The participants of the course will receive a  Certificate  of Completion of Yoga Anatomy and  Ayuryoga Massage Training. It will include:

  • Course name.
  • Number of Contact and Non-Contact Hours. taught in each applicable Educational Category, ( Techniques, Training, Practice), (Teaching Methodology), (Anatomy and Physiology).
  • Exact date(s) of the course.
  • Legal names of the course Director.
  • Handwritten signature.
  • The full name of the participant who completed the training.
Massage Certification Training Course in India

Daily Schedule


Start Time

End Time

Class Name

8.00 am9.00 amYoga Lessons with Anatomical Explanation.
9.00 am10.30 amBreakfast
10.00 pm1.00 pmAyurYoga Massage Training
01.00 pm02.30 pmLunch and Rest
02.30 pm5.00 amLecture & Theory- Anatomy

Yoga Anatomy & Ayuryoga Massage Dates and Price

Yoga Anatomy & AyurYoga Massage Training

INR 48000/€ 558/$ 650/GBP 480


20 – 26Goa€ 558
20 – 26Goa€558
20 – 26Goa€ 558
20 – 26Goa€ 558
20 – 26Goa€ 558
20 – 26Goa€ 558
20 – 26Goa€ 558
20 – 26Goa€ 558
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Package Details and Package Fees

Package 1


No Accommodation*
Course Fees
Course Manuals
Sheets and Massage Oils

Breakfast & Lunch on the training days

*Mail us for the various accommodation options and their details.

Package 2 


Breakfast & Lunch on the training days

Package 3

Breakfast & Lunch on the training days

INR 48000/€ 558/$ 650/GBP 480

INR 58000/€ 668/$ 782/GBP 578

INR 68000/€ 785/$ 918/GBP 676


If you do any two different courses one after the other then there is a 100 Euro discount on the total amount of any package that you take.
Note : If the training is already discounted like in the months of April, May on package 3 then this above discount is not applicable.

Note For Package 2

Students are given Massage Course Manual & Yoga Anatomy Manual

  • Technique pictures of the massage.
  • Text and theory.
  •   Anatomy pictures and description.
  • Ayurveda basics and Dosha.

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