Online YOGbreathology & Meditation Retreat Program

“Discovering the paths, Taking the Journey”

Each Sunday Rasovai is conducting a mystical, playful & joyful, serene and relaxing retreat of YOGbreathology, Powerful Vipassana Meditation and other Soul-enriching Meditations. Our meditation program has a significant influence from Yogic methods, ancient treatises of the inner growth and modern psychosomatic and physiological tools.
You will engage and participate in togetherness with us to experience two guided Meditation and two YOGbreathology sessions.
This program is facilitated by Kunal from UK and Chetan from India.

About the Meditation Retreat program

“To learn meditation you don’t need to be anything else other then what you already are”.

  • Humankind is driven by the forces of desire, longing, wanting, expecting and achieving. But all of us understand that fulfillment of any or all of these still does not bring the satisfaction, the contentment, the sense of attainment. Still there is some emptiness that lingers on.
  • The solution lies in the way of meditation. The thirst to finding that, the one which brings the true sense of completion lies in Meditativeness. This thirst brings the person on to a path where meditation becomes a part of the life and then the miseries start to fade away.
  • Our retreat is not a prerecorded streaming or downloadable program. It is a live retreat with each session guided personally.
  • The program is of 1.15 hours sessions conducted on each Sunday.

“A Program that transpires the wisdom and transforms the Self”.

  • Each Sunday Various kind of Vipasyana (vipassana) meditations to enhance the awareness, increase totality, bring joyfulness, bliss, acceptance, relaxation, silence, healing, well-being and spiritual upliftment.
  • YOGbreathology from Hatha Yog and Tibetan Yog tradition to bring a wholesome wellness and evolvement of self maintenance, strengthening health from resistance to resilience as we explore with breathwork
  • Active Mediations to release, relieve and cleanse the body, mind and emotions.
  • The retreat aims to share you with a beautiful combination of techniques, theory, discussion and lectures.
  • The program is not only just a retreat but also a learning experience for yourself.
  • You will start a journey of freedom and acceptance.

Meditation Retreat in Goa

Detailed Schedule

YOGbreathology Sessions

Each Sunday the program is different.

Two sessions from the YOGbreathology are conducted each Sunday.

Method 1

The universal Law and YOGbreathology 

Cultivating Life force and the super natural human within

The Autonomous body

Method 2

YOGbreathology as Active Meditation

The Ultimate Yog techniques of self maintenance and exploration​.

Adapting into every moment with balance

Method 3

Union of the Chakras with the power of breath as sound

The universal form of A U  M. Identifying a strong and impacting relationship with Diaphragm the creator , Intercostal the operator and Clavicle the destroyer

Method 4

Evoking the Heart Warrior and The 3 stages of Internal Combustion​

Method 5

BRIDGING THE GAP to infinity

Rebirth and Tibetan YOG tradition of sound healing

Method 6

ACTIVE MEDITATIONS and skull shining

Taming and cooling the inner fire

Meditation Sessions

Each Sunday there will be different Mediations.

Two sessions from the following Mediations are conducted each Sunday.

Meditation 1.

Method of Vipassana.

Guided Vipassana 1- Watcher of the breath.

Meditation 2.

Vibration of the Core

Guided Shaking meditation – Freedom from the holding.

Meditation 3

Awareness and Being-fullness

Guided Vipassana 2- Watcher of the breath

Meditation 4

Activating the Source

Mandala Movement to activate the center and unblock the channels

Meditation 5

Vibration of the Core

Guided Shaking meditation – Freedom from the holding.

Meditation 6

Holding the Noisy mind.

Watchfullness intensive Meditation- Understanding of the overuse of mind and suffering from mental fatigues.

Meditation 7

Drawing the fire of Negative elimination

Guided hypnosis into using the pitta based chakras or energy to burn out the Negativity.

Meditation 8

Filling the love and mysticalness

Guided journey into healing the wounds, finding the center of mysticalness and flowering the lovingness.

Meditation Retreat  Dates and Price


Meditation Retreat

INR 2600 /€ 28 /GBP 26 /$ 35

MonthDaysLocationTime UK GMT
All months 2020Each SundayOnline1:30 PM
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YOGbrethology & Meditation Retreat Program online 

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07:00 PM – 08:00 PM
Opening Ceremony, Introduction, Talks, Experience

08:15 PM – 9:30 PM

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12:45 AM – 01:15 AM

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The program is conducted online through zoom.

There will be breaks in between the sessions.

You will require a mobile device or a laptop and with, if possible, separate speakers to enable you to hear well.