Meditation Retreat with Chetan

“Discovering the Paths, Choosing the Path”

Come & Experience a day, a weekend of two, three or four days or a whole week of a joyful time of immersing in moments of  mediations and lectures.
You are heartily invited to this divine gift of some moments that will transform, upgrade, uplift the quality of your life.
Our Meditation camp/retreat is a opportunity to merge with oneself to realize the potential that we hold and attend various mystical, playful, joyful, serene and relaxing meditations and optionally partcipate in the lectures given
You can  choose to join this retreat for any number of days as per your convenience.

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About the Meditation Program

“To practice meditation you don’t need to be anything else other then what you already are”.

  • Humankind is driven by the forces of desire, longing, wanting, expecting and achieving. But all of us understand that fulfillment of any or all of these still does not bring the satisfaction, the contentment, the sense of attainment. Still there is some emptiness that lingers on.
  • The solution lies in the way of meditation. The thirst to finding that, the one which brings the true sense of completion lies in Meditativeness. This thirst brings the person on to a path where meditation becomes a part of the life and then the miseries start to fade away.
  • “We bring a program that transpires the Wisdom and transforms the Self”.
  • The retreat is conducted at location that is surrounded by nature. Weather it is beach area or mountains, you will find a pure harmony with the mother earth in its powerful elements.
  • In the retreat you will participate in various forms of meditations. some are active- moment based meditations and some are passive- stillness inducing meditations.
  • You will find possibility to attain a wholesome wellness and evolvement of self maintenance, strengthening health from resistance to resilience as we explore with breathwork
  • The retreat offers you with a beautiful combination of techniques, theory, discussion and lectures.
  • The program offers you with techniques that you can can do back at home which will continue to provide you the gains that you received here.
  • Whatever number of days you choose to join as per your convenience the program is not only just a retreat but also a learning experience for yourself.


Meditation Retreat in Goa

Meditation Retreat  Dates and Price

 Meditation Retreat 600 Rupees/day.
Chose any day or number of days in the given dates 


To join or For any queries CONTACT US

The retreat is taking place at Wellnessinn. Please book you stay with them directly. You can also book your stay in other locations.

Package Details and Package Fees 

Without Accommodation

Accommodation at the retreat location

Rupees 1200 a day
Includes: Breakfast and Lunch
Rupees 1800 a day (March to October)
Rupees 2400 a day (November to February) Includes: Private Room, Breakfast and Lunch


Our Retreat Location is at Hotel Wellnessinn in Ashwem.
This is a coastal beach area in the North Goa.
Ashwem is a nice serene beach and has lots of interesting restaurants in the area. This is 60kms from the Airport. Our Retreat place is 4kms from Arambol and 2kms from Morjim Beach.
In Monsoon time which is from June till October end you have the possibility to still visit the beach but you an not swim. But Monsoon time is perfect to enjoy the greenery, soak in the rains and enjoy the calmness of non touristy Goa.

For further information or book the programs mail us at: