Mystical Meditations Teacher Trainings and Retreats in Bali

Rasovai brings a Meditation Training in Bali to learn various impactful meditations and gain the knowledge, wisdom and skills to teach these in a studio, meditation center, retreats or just practice on individual levels.
Meditation Training in BaliThe same training course is also offered as the Meditation Retreat for those who want to attend the meditations, relax in the meditative atmosphere of the resort and just enrich themselves with soul touching experiences. In the retreat program, you are free to choose to attend to meditations as options each day during the course period and do not have to undergo the teacher training lessons.

The Meditation Teacher Training in Bali is a program for 10 days where you will learn various consciousness evolving, life enriching, bliss creating mystical meditations that bring back the wonder in your eyes and reconnects you to your true potential.

As a participant of Mystical Meditations Teacher Training you will total of 12 Meditations and their science. You will learn the various skills to successfully reach out and share the meditative light and techniques to others.

You will practice each meditation two times and receive audio lessons of the meetings and sharings.

NOTE : After the completion of the course you will receive a certification of  MTTC 100. Here 100 is the total hours of the course consisting of learning, practice, teacher teaching practice done at your end, assignment and reading.

The Course Program Curriculum

What you will learn:

  • Active Meditations, different Vipassana Mediations, healing meditations, chakra based meditations, radiant love meditations and other forms of meditations.
  • Over all you will learn 12 meditation techniques that covers all the dimensions of human potential and growth.
  • Each day the student gets to practice three guided meditations.
  • Next day the same meditation is repeated for the student to go into further depths and details.
  • Lectures and discussions of Ancient Indian Treatises.
  • Lectures on our patterns, holdings, blockages and conditionings that do not allow us to evolve.
  • Teaching skills.
  • Art of conducting a onsite and online class.
  • Understanding the energy of your students and working with it.
  • Possibility to have personal guidance on the technicalities of the Online teaching.
  • Possibility to have one personal mentoring session.
  • Possibility to run retreats together with us or organized by us after you have completed the course.

Meditation Program Dates and Price

Meditation Training Fees

Fees For Villa Perancis Bali Trainings : € 510/$ 620/GBP 455

September 2118th to 27st SeptBali€ 510/$ 620/GBP 455
October 2118th to 27th OctBali€ 510/$ 620/GBP 455
November 2118th to 27th NovBali€ 510/$ 620/GBP 455
January 2219th to 28th JanBali€ 510/$ 620/GBP 455
February 2218th to 27st FebBali€ 510/$ 620/GBP 455
March 2220th to 29th MarBali€ 510/$ 620/GBP 455
April 2220th to 29th AprBali€ 510/$ 620/GBP 455
May 2220th to 29th MayBali€ 510/$ 620/GBP 455
June 2220th to 29th JuneBali€ 510/$ 620/GBP 455
July 2220th to 29th JulyBali€ 510/$ 620/GBP 455
August 2220th to 29th AugBali€ 510/$ 620/GBP 455

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Daily Schedule

Day 1

04:00 PM – 06:00 PM
Orientation Ceremony. Information sharing. Introduction to the course.



Day 2 to day 8

8:00 AM – 9:00 AM
Active Meditation

Breakfast Break

10:00 AM – 01:30 PM
Lecture, Passive Meditation

Lunch Break 

03:00 PM – 5:30 PM

Lecture, Passive Meditation, Discussion, Sharing

Day 9

Teaching Skills practice

Day 10

9:00 AM – 11:00 AM

Closing ceremony, Certification, Talks

Package Details and Package Fees

Package 1 Bali 

Course Manuals in PDF
Day 2 to Day 9: Breakfast + Lunch
Day 10th: Breakfast

Package 2 Bali

Course Manuals in PDF
10 days Shared Accommodation

Day 1: Dinner

Day 2 to Day 9: Breakfast + Lunch + Dinner

Day 10th: Breakfast


Possibility to conduct retreats under Rasovai Affiliation Program*

€ 510/$ 620/GBP 455

€ 930/$ 1130/GBP 830

Discounts Bali Package 1

  1. Discount 2: Pay 100% Fees on Registration and get 100$ discounts.
  2. 30% Registration fees. Pay rest on the first day of the course.

Discounts Bali Package 2

  1. Book 3 Months in advance and get 50$ Discount +/or
  2. Discount 2: Pay 100% Fees on Registration and get 100$ discounts.
  3. 30% Registration fees. Pay rest on the first day of the course.

*Rasovai affiliation program gives you the possibility to conduct one day retreats together with Rasovai or Individually through our support and marketing. To know more mail us at :