Meditation Retreat in India

“Discovering the paths, Taking the Journey”

A 3 days Mediation Retreat.
Humankind is driven by the forces of desire, longing, wanting, expecting and achieving. But all of us understand that fulfillment of any or all of these still does not bring the satisfaction, the contentment, the sense of attainment. Still there is some emptiness that lingers on.
The solution lies in the quest to meditation. The thirst to finding that, the one which brings the true sense of completion. This thirst brings the person on to a path where meditation becomes a part of the life and then the miseries start to fade away. The subtle true joy becomes the nature of the persona.We at Rasovai are offering a professional, scientific, structured yet playful retreat in meditation based on ancient philosophy and modern psychosomatic tools. Our meditation program has a significant influence from ancient treatises of the inner growth and modern psychosomatic and physiological studies. Our teachings are based on the pureness of Rasovai- our core theme!
Rasa literally means juice. The juice of life in all its dimensions. It refers to the creation and reception of a distinct ‘flavor’ or quality of something. It is the flow of emotions. This is the flow that guides us. The flow of our Emotions, their flowering in their totality and balance is the- “Rasovai- the bridge, which keeps us undivided”. Rasovai brings all the emotions ‘expressed or experienced’ to their totality, awareness and meditativeness.In this meditation Retreat in Goa, India the participants students will learn, participate,practice, experience and know some beautiful meditations. This is a learning and experiencing opportunity for everyone who is seeking a beautiful well-being time as a retreat.Meditations can be learnt by everyone irrespective of their physical ability, age or background.We believe that everyone is a potential student of meditation whether they are looking for spiritual growth or just a better life.

Why Join Our Meditation Retreat in India?

“To learn meditation you don’t need to be anything else other then what you already are”.

With attending this meditation retreat, you will gain :

  • Personal well-being plus more clarity, positivity and peace in life.
  • Have enhancement and capacity to understand, live, balance and use all the motions in their
    totality with awareness.
  • Experience a variety of meditation types and their applications, confidence, creativity, willingness and an entrepreneurial spirit
  • An understanding of the core principles and techniques of meditation.
  • The depth of experience and the breadth of knowledge in your application of meditation will enable
    you to guide others in the enhancement of their mental, physical, and emotional well-being.
  • The retreat aims to share you with a beautiful combination of techniques, theory, discussion and lectures.
  • You will start a journey of freedom and acceptance.
  • The program is not only just a retreat but also a learning experiencefor yourself.

Highlights of The Program:

Through your participation and practice covered in the meditation retreat, you will attend 

  • Various meditations to enhance the awareness, increase totality, bring joyfulness,bliss,acceptance, relaxation, silence,healing, well-being and spiritual upliftment.
  • Meditation science. Understanding the meditation as a science.
  • Getting  the understanding of the different type of meditations: Release – relief meditations, happiness – blissful meditations, love – compassion meditations, totality – intensity meditations, awareness – watchfulness meditations, centering – sharpening meditations, active and passive meditations, dance & movements based meditations.
  • Lectures on understanding psychosomatic problems, bipolar disorder, manic attacks, borderline personality, narcissism, split personality, ADHD, Traumas, Conditioning, patterns and characteristic bondage.( In the 100 hours Teacher Training)
  • Ayurvedic Characteristic concepts and Ayurvedic Psychological understanding. (In the 100 hours Teacher Training)
  • Dealing with different personalities as a Meditation teacher.(In the 100 hours Teacher Training)

Meditation Retreat in Goa

Meditation Retreat Dates and Price

Massage Therapist Trainings

16,000 INR or 200 EUR
Ashwem, Goa

The fees includes applicable Government Taxes(GST)

August 202016th – 19th AugustNorth GoaEuro 200
September 202016th – 19th SeptemberNorth GoaEuro 200
October 202016th – 19th OctoberNorth GoaEuro 200
November 202016th – 19th NovemberNorth GoaEuro 200
December 202016th – 19th DecemberNorth GoaEuro 200
January 202116th – 19th JanuaryNorth GoaEuro 200
February 202116th – 19th FebruaryNorth GoaEuro 200
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This retreat in Goa is inclusive of stay and meals

Meditation Retreat Daily Schedule

7.00 pm 8.00 pm Dinner

Start Time

End Time

Class Name

8.00 am10.00 amTalks And Mediation
10.00 am11.00 amBreakfast
11.00 am12.00 pmMeditation
12.00 pm1.00 pmLecture/Theory/Discussion/Sharing
1.00 pm2.00 pmMeditation
2.00 pm3.15 pmLunch
3.15 pm5.30 pmLecture/Theory/Sharing/Meditation
5.30 pm7.00 pmSelf meditation at the beach or in the room

About Our Facilities

Our trainings in Goa are conducted at Wellnessinn, Ashvem – North Goa. This Resort is very close to the Ashvem beach. (50 meters to the Ocean). Check rooms.

Travel Tips

Arrive by 3 pm on the 16th to check inn and get ready for the orientation ceremony.

Check in after 12pm on the 16th and check out by 12 pm of the 20th.

If the room is fully booked in the room then alternate arrangement at nearby location can be provided to you after consulting with you.

Breakfast, Lunch and dinner are covered in the package.

Apart from this, for the evenings there are multiple other options in the vicinity to eat in a different price range. There are dozens of eating facilities providing food ranging from international cuisine to authentic Indian cuisine. Next to the training place, the whole road is lined up with restaurants. The fees structure does not change if you are eating outside.

For the times when you want to have a meal in front of the ocean, the beach right in the front also has multiple restaurants called beach shacks. Basically, each one to their preference has an option of food in the area and in the evening for dinner, you can choose from one of the various options in the area.

Payment Policy

Booking Fees Deposit

To apply for the Meditation Retreat a deposit of €100 or 8,000 INR is required. This amount is included in the prices listed above. You can make the remaining course fees payment after arrival to the course on the first day in cash only.