Accommodation and Facilities At Rasovai, Bali

Welcome to Bali with Rasovai. We invite you to our Meditation Teacher Training, Meditation Retreat , Ayurbalance Massage Training and Ayuryoga Massage Training from February 2022 in the beautiful island of Bali.

We will organize these courses at Villa Perancis. Villa Perancis is an Eco Resort in Karangasem Regency area of Bali near nestled between the mountain range and the tranquil Amed beach. The resort is surrounded with the lush nature and basks under the sun in a peaceful serene setting enabling yourself to retreat and learn with the vast scenery of green hills, cascading in to the clear blue waters. This is a great opportunity to surrender, be oneself again and gain new skills with our Massage Learning Programs and Meditation Trainings.

The Facility is beautiful, creative, clean and you can see and feel the love in the details of the place. The rooms are very stylish, exceptionally clean and an awesome bathroom under the stars. The surroundings are magical, you have LOTS of space and the pool is stunning. The big pool in the premises do not use Chlorine but Sea Salt to filter and clean the water. The picturesque Mount Agung on the background and the soft sand beach a short walk away, nature is to be beheld at every moment.


Check the Gallery of Villa Perancis.

If you wish to stay extra days out of the course duration please contact Villperancis directly to book for those days at

The premise’s has beautiful, elegant, rooms to stay and a pool to soak dip in leisure.

The training hall is in the premises and overlooks the hills and the greens.

The atmosphere is heartfully created to bring in a retreat felling to every guest.

About Amed, Bali

Amed is one of the most serene and mystical beach area of Bali providing a perfect getaway combining exclusive atmosphere fit for learning and relaxing. Travel Lush describes this as the prettiest place in Bali. Amed has a reputation as being one of the most peaceful and quaint beach area. The enormous Mount Agung is standing in the backdrop. The water of the sea is blue and filled with corals. The surrounding area is covered with picturesque rice fields and mystical, scenic green mountains standing with pride. Amed is the perfect place to discover a area that is untouched by the overburdening tourism.
Amed has soft warmth throughout the year. The temperature hovers between 18 degrees C to 28 degrees C. It’s never too hot or never cold.


Travel Information

The Denpasar Airport in Bali gets flights from National and International destinations. If you would like us to give you suggestion in relation to the best flight options from your destination then mail us at

Ngurah Airport Denpasar has no dedicated direct bus routes that will bring you to Amed. For arranging a taxi pick up, inform at of your arrival and we will organize the taxi pick up to the airport. The distance to the airport is about 96 kms and the journey time is 2hr 30 mnts. The fare is about 45 Dollars. If you choose to arrive earlier in any of the neighboring cities then take a taxi or ask us and a taxi will be  will send you one.

Meals during the course

During the training period you will eat at the inhouse dining area of the Resort.
Meal Perancis

Apart from the training times you can eat in the restaurant at the resort. There are eating facilities providing food ranging from International cuisine to Authentic Balinese cuisine in Amed. You can rent the scooter with Villaperancis to move around and explore. Amed, one of the most tranquil beach in Bali is just 20mnts drive from the resort. For the times when you want to have a meal in front of the ocean, the beach front also has multiple no's of restaurants.
Basically each one to their preference has an option of food in the area.