100 Hours Meditation Teacher Training in India

“Become a Professional Meditation Teacher”

The quest to Meditation learning is growing immensely all over the world. Like Yoga, Meditations are being recognized as important tool for holistic wellness of mind, body and soul.

There is an increasing demand for professional meditation teachers who have the required knowledge, understanding and experience to lead classes in health institutes, yoga studios, social centers, rehabilitation centers and other such institutes or private classes.

Rasovai is offering a professional, scientific and structured yet playful course in meditation teacher training based on ancient philosophy and modern psychosomatic tools.

The 100 hour meditation teacher training course has a significant influence from Rasa Yoga Vigyan.

Rasa literally means juice. The juice of life in all its dimensions. It refers to the creation and reception of a distinct ‘flavor’ or quality of something. It is the flow of emotions. This is the flow that guides us. The flow of our Emotions, their flowering in their totality and balance  is the Rasa Yoga- the bridge which keeps us undivided. Rasa Yoga brings  all the emotions expressed or experienced with their totality, awareness and with meditativeness.

Students will learn to design, build and lead different types of meditation classes. This is a learning opportunity for everyone who is not only looking to conduct meditation classes and be a teacher but also for students seeking a beautiful well-beingness time as a retreat.

Meditations can be taught or shared with everyone irrespective of their physical ability, age or background. You can conduct meditations anywhere or for anyone. School students, social communities, offices, stressed out business owners/executives, rehabilitation centres, in yoga classes and so on. We believe that everyone is a potential student of meditation whether they are looking for spiritual growth or just a better life.

To learn meditation you don’t need to be anything else other then what you already are.

Why Join Our Meditation Course?

Through your studies and practice covered in the meditation teacher training course , you will gain:

Personal well-being plus more clarity, positivity and peace in life.

Have enhancement and capacity to understand, live, balance and use all the motions in their totality with awareness.

Experience a variety of meditation types and their applications, confidence, creativity, willingness and an entrepreneurial spirit

An understanding of the core principles and techniques of meditation.

The ability to teach variety contemporary, secular meditation techniques in group or private settings,

The depth of experience and the breadth of knowledge in your application of meditation will enable you to guide others in the enhancement of their mental, physical, and emotional well-being.

The Course aims to trains you with a beautiful combination of techniques, theory, discussion and lectures with teaching module to get practice to teach.

You will learn not only to lead satisfying meditations but also to start a journey of freedom and acceptance.

The program is not only just learning skills but also a retreat for yourself.

You will also learn  some healing modalities.

Highlights of The Program:

  • Various meditations to enhance the awareness, increase totality, bring joyfulness,bliss,acceptance, relaxation, silence,healing, well-being and spiritual upliftment.
  • Alchemy, simplified Anatomy and physiology of our self to enhance the knowledge that can bring  true body & mind wellness.
  • Meditation science. Understanding the meditation as a science.
  • Getting  the understanding of the different type of meditations: Release – relief meditations, happiness – blissful meditations, love – compassion meditations, totality – intensity meditations, awareness – watchfulness meditations, centering – sharpening meditations.
  • Lectures on philosophy of Rasa Yoga and meditations based on Rasa Vigyan.
  • Lectures on understanding psychosomatic problems, bipolar disorder, manic attacks, borderline personality, narcissism, split personality, ADHD, Traumas, Conditioning, patterns and characteristic bondages.
  • Ayurvedic Characteristic concepts and Ayurvedic Psychological understanding.
  • Dealing with different personalities as a Meditation teacher.
  • Using  meditaions as a therapeutic process in certain cases.
  • Structuring and sequencing.
  • Styles and techniques of meditation. Using opportunities, events,happenings, activities, desires,needs and other human emotions as tools to meditate.
  • Establishing yourself as a meditation teacher.
  • Teaching ethics and skills.
  • Climbing the steps of meditative growth.


Meditation Teacher Training Goa

Meditation Teacher Training Daily Schedule

7.00 am

8.00 am

 Morning Meditation

8.30 am

10.00 am


10.00 am

11.00 am

   Lecture or Theory On Methodology, Philosophy or Anatomy

11.00 am

12.00 pm


12.30 pm

3.00 pm

Lunch and Rest or Self-study

3.00 pm

4.00 pm


4.00 pm

4.30 pm

   Tea Break

4.30 pm

6.00 pm

   Meditation Leading Practice

6.00 pm

7.00 pm

   Beach Meditation

7.00 pm

8.00 pm


How Your Meditation Course Will Progress?

Students are expected to arrive a day before the course starts:

Day 1 – Starts at 10 am. Preparatory meditations to guide  students.

Day 2 – Cleansing and clearing body, mind and emotions using Active and Passive meditations

Day 3 – Relaxation, Peace  & Silence Meditations based on Shanta Ras.

Day 4 – Empowering oneself  Meditations based on Raudra & Veera Ras.

Day 5 – Bringing Joy & Blissfulness Meditations based on Hasya Ras.

Day 6 – Love and Relating meditations based on Karuna Ras

Day 7 – Accepting / Growing over Fear and insecurities Meditations based on Veebhats & Bhayanak Ras.

*Here you will learn the meditations that makes you understand your basic fears and insecurities and evolve over them

Day 8 – Awareness & Centering meditations

Day 9 – Teaching methodology and art of leading the class. Leading meditation practice

Day 10 – Learning to give lectures, instructions and art of sharing in the groups. Focus on speaking skills

Day 11 – Shaktipat: Energy Transmission And Shower. Certification and Graduation Ceremony. Course Finishes by 12.00 Hours.


On Sundays, we will be experiencing the easiness, wonderness & mysticalness of nature and surroundings. Along with this there will be other scientific meditations, healing modalities, lectures, general discussion and much more.


Course Dates Location Fees of the Course ( Package 1) 
15/03 to  25/03/2018 Wellnessinn, North- Goa Rupees 43000
01/04 to 10/04/2018 Wellnessinn, North- Goa Rupees 43000
15/4 to 25/04/2018 Wellnessinn, North- Goa Rupees 43000
01/05 to 10/05/2018 Wellnessinn, North- Goa Rupees 43000

Package 1: Course Fees + Three Meals a day except Sunday – Rupees 43000 (No Accommodation)

Package 2: Course Fees + Three Meals a day except Sunday – Rupees 53,000 (Shared Accommodation Outside)

Package 3: Course Fees + Three Meals a day except Sunday – Rupees 58,000 (Shared Accommodation Inside)

Package 4: Course Fees + Three Meals a day except Sunday – Rupees 62,000 (Private Accommodation Outside)

Package 5: Course Fees + Three Meals a day except Sunday – Rupees 66,000 (Private Accommodation Inside)

*All the packages include breakfast, lunch & Dinner Mondy to Saturday,  Except Sunday*

*The course schedule remains the same. But the schedule can vary as per weather or any other circumstantial situation.

*Accommodation will be allocated a day earlier.