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TTC: 100 ( Therapist Training Course)  & TTC: 200 ( Teacher Training Course) 

 “myofascial release ayurvedic bodywork”

“Learn to Massage, Learn to Teach”

massage training

Ayur Balance  is the only Indian massage & Ayurvedic body work integrating Myofascial Release techniques.

The work is based on the principals of Ayurveda which try to bring ‘balance’ to our basic ‘Doshas’ ( elements) using deep bodywork techniques.

This revolutionary bodywork  in addition also brings the benefit of releasing hidden tensions, removing stress, detoxifying the organs and tissues, bringing flowing circulation to body, opening up tight & stuck muscles and tissues, releasing the joints, bringing more prana and vitality, digging into emotional and conditional layers of body and unblocking the holdings, bringing out and healing the traumas and emotional wounds leading to uplifting the one to a state of balanced and serene state of natural free flowing health.

The work is done with a combination of interesting systematic, flowing but specific strokes with hands, fist, fingers, knuckles, forearm and elbow  to dig into  the various levels of our muscles and tissues.

massage training

This bodywork not only function as a nice relaxing massage but equally effective  and resulting in bringing  about a transformation that releases the old traumas, patterns deals with some psychological issues and gives opening to a new self. (The student will themselves experience this during the Training).


We are conducting two modules of trainings. 

One is of 100 hours that teaches you the whole massage & bodywork and develops the skills in you to successfully give sessions in this work. This is a Therapist Course of 100 hours. TTC 100. 

The second module is the combination of first 100 hours and further 100 hours of level 2 work with added advanced techniques and skills to teach them to others. This is a Teacher Course of 200 Hours. TTC 200.

Therapist Training Course ( TTC: 100 Hours )

This is a Therapist Training Course that is designed to make you proficient in giving a relaxing and comforting wholesome therapy.

This is a full course that is designed to teach and prepare you to work efficiently and confidently to massage the whole body and use our unique bodywork techniques to open and relax the receiver.  

In the training there are no various unnecessary levels and the course is complete in itself. Which means you do not have to do different levels to learn the whole body and spend unnecessary lot of money. You learn all the  essential expertise and techniques  to be able to give a full body massage.

  • In this training you will learn to use the hands, fingers, fist, forearm and elbow to successfully work on the stressed out muscles, give relief to them, bring the soothingness to the tired body and bring about the benefits of detoxification.

  • Application of each specific technique in detail and step-by-step practicing

  • Understanding the concepts of Ayurveda and implementing them in the massage

  • Tri-Dosha Theory.

  • Introduction to Ayurvedic concepts.

  • You will learn how to systematically free the body from tensions and constrictions, allowing the body to balance itself.

  • Study and explanation of human anatomy with the use of a virtual programs and supportive video material.

  • The importance of how to respond to your receivers individual needs, to be able to give exactly what is needed. Freed from a specific structure, profound use of the techniques.

  • The importance of and how to work without effort in the most practical ways.

  • How to understand the body types and their structural dynamics.

  • Explanation about what exactly is discomfort and physical pain, how to define it/diagnose the source.

  • You will be trained in how to release modern discomforts. Paying a lot of attention in how to work on these specific area’s;

>massage training

Teacher Training Course ( TTC: 200 Hours )

This course is combined with the TTC 100 and goes further with advanced learning and teaching module.

The one and the only course that is comprehensive, precise and detailed to bring the Teacher in you. This 200 hours course is designed as a continuing education along with the Therapist Training Course where you learn the skills and expertise also to train others. This course gives you the credential on massage alliance to conduct 100 hours TTC.


  • The 200 hours Teachers Training Course  is a comprehensive program  that prepares you  to confidently give this fabulous massage.

  • The course also enables you to develop skills  to teach other students.

  • This training makes you capable of devising your own sequence to give massage.

  • It  cultivates the skills to improvise you own teaching methodology as per the requirements of class.

  • You will learn and experience the layers of physical being and emotional being one one self and developing skills to understand the other.

  • Being able to bring balance and harmony into oneself and the others.

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  • Concepts of ayurveda, ayurvedic theories and ayurvedic bodywork.

  • Understanding the tri dosha concept.

    Three types of touch, sattva, rajas, tamas 

    Protocols for vata, pitta, kapha.

  • Ayurvedic pscho somatic science.

    Use of various ayurvedic oils in relation to specific ailments.

    Massage with hands, fist, knuckles, fingers, forearm and elbow over the whole body in various interesting and effective way going specific over each part.

     Manipulations of soft tissue, deep tissue,  fascia, tendons and ligament.

    Lengthening, postural dynamics, energy blocks release and psychosomatic work.

    Manipulation of Connective Tissues and structural integration work.

    Relaxing techniques and therapeutic work as well.

    Postural Dynamics and correctional applications.

    Physical and Psychological disorders correlating to bodywork.

    Awareness improving and Consciousness evolving Meditations.

    Study of Anatomy and Physiology in a very easy playful learning.  ( Respiratory system, Cardiovascular System, Lymphatic System, Digestive System, Endocrine System, Skeletal System,  Muscular System, Fascia System).


  • Notes and Text + Video 

  • Certification from Rasovai.

  • Certificate/ Diploma from Rasovai.

  • Free Registration on massage Alliance as RMP 100 ( after TTC 100) or RMT 200 ( after TTC 200)


  • Courses are practical and include a larger theory and study as per the curriculum to bring you up to the level of therapist or teacher.

  • Classes are interactive, students practice on each other changing from being the giver and becoming the recipient. These experiences allow direct feelings and reveal the obvious benefits of the treatment.

  • Every student themselves are involved every day in correcting and guiding the fellow students to practice. Thus you get already from the beginning the possibility to learn to train others.

  • Every level reviews the content of the previous course and brings additional techniques, series of movements with its recommendations, indications, contra-indications and related therapist self-care recommendations.

  • All techniques of massages and bodywork  are demonstrated by the teacher and then repeated by students until the correct movements are acquired.

  • An integrated approach to the study of anatomy based on the Method Anatomy for Movement designed to deepen the student’s understanding and useful for the practice of massage.

  • Aside from the daily practice of massage and stretches, other tools like active meditations, Yoga, dance and interactive sensorial exercises are used to develop students presence.

  • Building a clientele.

  • Session test.

  • Understanding the Business aspect of massage.

  • Practical ‘teaching the students’ practice. (in TTC 200)




Course Starting Date


Fees of the Course

17/06 to 25/06/2017

TTC:  100 Hours

Lisbon, Portugal/ with Atul Mulji

 Euro 600

15/10 to 26/10/2017

TTC: 100 Hours


Rupees 35,000


15/11 to 26/11/2017

TTC: 100 Hours


 Rupees 35,000

 15/12 to 26/12/2017

TTC: 100 Hours


Rupees 35,000

 15/01 to 26/01/2018

TTC: 100 Hours


Rupees 35,000

15/02 to 26/02/2018

TTC: 100 Hours


Rupees 35,000 

15/03 to 07/04.2018

TTC 200 Hours


Rupees 60,000 

15/04 to 26/04/2018

TTC: 100 Hours


 Rupees 35,000 

 The TTC 200 module includes the curriculum of TTC 100 too. So if you are joining the TTC 200 you do not need to do separately TTC 100.

The above prices do not include accommodation and meals.

To get an idea of the location and accommodation at Rishikesh visit our associates upayayoga rishikesh

For information on training + accommodation/meals, mail us at:  contact@rasovai.com

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