Ayurveda Yoga Massage Training Goa India (RAYM – level 1 + level 2)

11 Days. 60 Hours. 10 to 4.30 pm every day.
Ayurveda Yoga Massage Training in India

Rasovai Massage Training Center in Goa is offering training in ‘Ayurvedic massage” (Pune Tradition), also known as ‘Ayurveda Yoga Massage’.

This Ayurveda Yoga massage training combines the insight of ayurveda and yoga and is a specialty from Pune. It was originated in Pune by the grand teacher Kusum Modak combining massage techniques from Iyengar therapeutic yoga.

Ayurveda Yoga massage training is a therapeutic bodywork course. It can be a series of treatment or a relaxing, detoxifying and rejuvenating experience. It is strong but gentle on the whole body with massage strokes over the whole body and various yoga stretching’s combined in the session.

In this massage, we use oil and an herbal powder. The massage is done on a mattress on the floor. We use hands and feet to give massage. There are many deep techniques to warm the body and relieve the tensions. After warming the body, yoga stretching are done according to the condition and necessity of the client/ receiver

The herbal powder used in the massage is Calamus and is a very good detoxifying herb. It is anti septic, anti-inflammatory and exfoliating. It helps to bring out the deep seated toxins from lymph and muscles.

 Highlights on Ayurveda Yoga Massage Training Course


The massage brings more Prana, vital energy in the body, helps to remove the toxins seated deep in to the musculoskeletal system and in the blood stream .The series of yoga stretching helps in better alignment and breathing.

The Ayurveda yoga massage sessions gives deep relaxation and relives the stress from day to day life. The body experiences flexibility and more energy flow.

Each session gives a harmonious flow in the body and encouragement to maintain proper posture during the daily life.

With Ayurvedic yogic massage, the breathing can go deep and profound, which also helps to release many emotional holdings and blockages. It helps to bring more vital energy in the body and mind.

The combination of oil, herb and yoga helps to create balance in the bodily elements, especially the touch with consciousness can help tremendously for vata imbalance naturally helping the nervous system to relax.

Consciousness in touch, profound knowledge about the techniques and an open heart makes the art of touch a blissful journey. And we try our best during individual session and training to share the best we have.

Who can Join?

Everybody who is a bodywork specialist, physiotherapists, health care professionals, massage therapists and others who are ready to learn deep Ayurvedic work and likes to learn more in the art of touch and being touched can join the training.

The prerequisite or experiences needed to join the training.

Though it does help if you already are into bodywork but it’s not essential to join the course. The training is designed for every one and everybody can learn the massage and give a full body massage after the course.

Topics & Curriculum

You learn the specific massage sequence used in this massage.

You learn to give massage on the floor (on the mattress).

You learn different techniques of massaging the whole body including neck, head, hands, feet, shoulder and face.

You learn the various deep massage techniques using your hands, fist, fingers, thumb and applying your own body weight to give a deep satisfying massage without exhausting yourself.

You learn to use of feet on the body. Walking and massaging with feet. To go deeper into specific parts and open them.

You will learn to use stool while massaging with the feet to shift wait on the body as per the need.

You will learn the different yogic stretches used in the massage and their importance in alignments of spine and opening the particular joint. You learn to give gentle but powerful yogic stretches on different parts of body.

You are taught the advance sequence to treat certain ailments and physiological conditions.

Daily practice with other participants.


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Fees – Rupees 35,000. For more information mail to contact@rasovai.com.

The course includes lunch during the training.

Starting DateTeacherLocationPrice
05/12/2017 to 15/12/2017Dr. UrjaLove Temple, Arambol, GoaRupees 35,000/-
05/01/2018  to 15/01/2018Dr. UrjaLove Temple, Arambol, GoaRupees 35,000/-
05/02/2018  to 15/02/2018Dr. UrjaLove Temple, Arambol, GoaRupees 35,000/-
05/03/2018 to 15/03/2018Dr. UrjaLove Temple, Arambol, GoaRupees 35,000/-
30/07/2018 to 03/08/2018

30 Hours Course

ChetanYogastudio Norbruis, Zaandam, Netherlands€550/-