Abhyanga Massage, Marma And Shirodhara Course Goa India.

“ the body of one who uses oil massage regularly does not become affected much when if subjected to accidental injuries or strenuous work. By using oil massage daily a person is endowed with present youth, trimmed body parts and becomes strong, lest affected by old age. ”
--- charak Samhita vol 1 V; 88:89 ---

7 Days. 21 Hours. 3 pm to 6 pm every day.

Starting Date




21/11 to 27/11/2017

Dr. Urja

Love temple, Arambol

Rupees 20,000/-

21/02 to 27/02/2018

Dr. Urja


Rupees 20,000/-

17/03 to 23/03/2018

Dr. Urja


Rupees 20,000/-


Abhyanga Massage 

Abhyanga means the full body from head to toe. Abhynga is act of Sneha- oil and love is also called snheha. Abyanga or Abhyanga massage is like snehan, it is experience of being loved, deep feeling of stability and warmth is experienced.
It is full body massage with one or more therapist giving massage in warm cozy, nurturing atmosphere for 50 to 60 min.

To enhance to effect or treat certain imbalances, selective oils can be used from traditional companies. Regular Abhyanga will help to restore the balances of doshas and enhance wellbeing and longevity.

Abhyanga massage is specially highly effective treatment to relax, balance and ground vata
( Air_ Space ) dohsa, which is directly influencing our nervous system, joints health, skin, bones, stamina and ageing.

Benefits of Abhyanga massage -

  • Works as anti stress, anti aging, relives fatigue & improves immune system.
  • Brings vitality, vigor to dhatus ( tissue ) ,balances vata dosha, pacifying vata pitta and stimulates kapha dosha.
  • Brings firmness to skin, lubricates joints, increases circulation.
  • Stimulates internal organs of the body, assists in elimination of impurities from the body.
  • Helps in detoxification, increases lymph circulation. Increases overall strength and elasticity of skin tissue,
    hair enhances visions, and helps in better sleep patterns.


Shirodhara Treatment –

Shiro Means head, dhara means stream or flow.

Shirodhara is one the most effective treatment to relax the nervous system, release fatigue, it helps in insomnia, neurological disorders, weakness of sense organs, tinnitus, vertigo plus early greying of hair, skin diseases, memory loss.

Shirodhara is treatment /therapy used in Ayurveda to help balance dosha / doshas through oil or liquids flowing on head for 25 to 40 min duration.

The use if oil.milk, buttermilk depends on the persons health, and needs.

The oil dhara is the most wildly performed treatment for relaxing and rejuvenating even the person is not experiencing major imbalances in health.

Shirodhara itself is experience so unique; it brings tranquility and grounding, sense of connection and harmony between body mind unities.

This treatment could be given along with Abhyanga massage or Separate by itself.

Marma massage –

‘Maryate iti Marmani “ the Sanskrit phrase means – death or serious damage to body or health after infliction to the points of their location. Marma are the vital areas of body, it is the junction on the body where two or more type of tissue meet . It is where said the Prana LIFE FORCE resides.

A major marma point corresponds to seven chakra or energy centers of the body.

Role of the mama therapry or marma massage –

by Stimulating or massaging the marma points gives benefits to the area of their location and improves the function of connecting organs.

The Marma abhyanga massage is to stimulate the various body organs and system .It helps to re-establish harmony, inducing the flow of Prana along the complex system of subtle channels of Nadi.

Marma massage also helps in physicals pains, numerous illness, specially related to joints, nervous, muscles, starting from frozen shoulder to sciatica pain, migraine, paralysis, digestion and elimination problems. spondylitis etc.


About the Abhyanga ,marma massage and shirodhara course-

It is the shortest of our courses and yet most complete course of Ayurveda where you are introduced to Ayurvedic medical science, theoretically and practically, making you confident to give these treatments while understanding the science and its approach, no matter what field you are coming from.

The course duration is 7 days , 3 hours a day. We will learn lot about our constitution, we will receive almost every day some treatment on our own body.

You would be able to give confidently full body relaxing massage for almost 60 to 90 min. and full body treatment for almost 2 hours with all these three different therapies.

Why Us- .

Dr.Urja has been teaching Ayurvedic bodywork since more than 18 years. And specially has taught wide range of participants in terms of geography and expertise.
She has found her way to create balance and making sure everyone got more than what they have come to learn.
And surly the land of origin, the nature of Goa and our approach to teaching makes it wonderful week .

Who can participate-

Anyone who is already in body work field, specially if doing deep tissue work, cause these approach is / might sound apposite but highly complimenting.
If you are beginner into body work ,is the best to start with this understanding.

Also, if you are already studying Ayurveda, yoga or alternate therapies is the ideal course for you. Beauticians and also someone who loves to receive massages.

Who should not join-

Anyone has acute illness, Infection and doesn’t like oil on their skin at all. Has allergy to oil (All type)
Who doesn’t speak any English- in that case do inform us we try to arrange translator.

For inquiries of Abhyanga Massage Training's mail to contact@rasovai.com